Christian Bale Also Visited Shooting Victims In Colorado Hospitals

Christian Bale may not save lives in reality, but the amateur absolutely tries to accomplish a aberration in the lives of his fans.

"The Dark Knight Rises" brilliant flew 4-year-old leukemia accommodating Jayden Barber and his ancestors out to California for a cafeteria date at Disneyland's Club 33 beforehand this week.

"Finally can share!!! Christian beatific us to LA and we had cafeteria at Disney club 33 on wed," Barber's mother wrote with a account of the two on her Lighting the Batsignal for Jayden Facebook page. "He and his
ancestors were so alarming and bottomward to earth!!!"

Christian Bale additionally visited cutting victims in Colorado hospitals in July
Charlene Barber connected by administration her family's acquaintance with Bale at the Anaheim affair park, "The absolute alternation was like old accompany accepting lunch. Jayden did not get brilliant addled but was able-bodied acquainted of who we were with!"

"They talked movies and cool Heros an he was absolutely blessed to apprehend about aggregate Jayden capital to acquaint him. Christian, his wife and babe are three of the best admirable bodies we accept anytime met! Christian fabricated these arrange for us alone and ensured we were advised like royalty. I don't accept alike one abrogating affair to say about them. I can acquaint you that they were aloof as afflicted w Jayden as Jayden was w them :)"

According to WYTV in Ohio, Barber was ability chemotherapy for cartilage blight for two years afore it angry into MDS leukemia aftermost year. Jayden is now in remission.

Just a brace months ago, Bale was spotted in Colorado visiting cutting victims who were impacted by the "Dark Knight Rises" tragedy.

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