BP Sold Its Stakes In A Group Of Gulf Of Mexico Oil Fields To Plains Exploration


BP awash its stakes in a accumulation of Abysm of Mexico oil fields to Plains Analysis & Assembly for $5.6 billion, bringing its absolute asset sales to $32 billion back the massive oil discharge from its Macondo well.

But the aggregation said it would abide to accept a big attendance in the gulf, breadth it affairs to absorb $4 billion a year over the abutting decade and breadth it has six analysis rigs conduct for new prospects, as able-bodied as four added aloft assembly platforms.
The latest auction leaves BP abutting to its $38 billion ambition for divestments to achieve claims affiliated to
the spill, allotment of a affairs that will leave the London-based oil behemothic added automated but still in control of its best affairs for advance and best assisting assets. BP arch controlling Bob Dudley said in a account that the sales were “consistent with our action of arena to our strengths.”

BP awash interests in three fields affiliated to the Marlin belvedere the aggregation installed in 1999 and acclimated as a assembly hub southeast of New Orleans. It additionally awash its interests in four added fields and some analysis affairs associated with the fields. Together the fields produced 59,500 barrels a day of oil and accustomed gas liquids.

Analysts acclaimed the auction because they said it larboard BP focused on its best assisting and best able areas of the gulf, while bolstering its banknote for settlements affiliated to the 2010 oil spill. The discharge began back a blast occurred, ambience blaze to the Deepwater Horizon oil rig, which sank, killing 11 people.

BP shares bankrupt at $42.04, up 11 cents. The advance close Raymond James & Associates acicular out in a agenda to audience that BP is advantageous a 4.6 percent dividend.

“I don’t anticipate this auction says annihilation about BP’s adherence to the Gulf,” Stacey Hudson, chief analysis accessory for activity at Raymond James, said in an e-mail. “BP will abide to be a aloft amateur there. BP acquired 43 new leases in the Abysm of Mexico in the June 2012 charter sale, and it affairs to access its rig calculation [there] to 8 rigs by anniversary — the accomplished akin it’s anytime been.”

BP said it is the arch acreage holder in the gulf, with added than 700 leases. It has confused into added and added areas over the accomplished decade.

Raymond James said in its agenda that BP accustomed a “juicy” amount for the output, and added analysts agreed.

“BP does not charge to advertise added assets, but for the appropriate price, added assets can be sold,” said Fadel Gheit, oil analyst with Oppenheimer & Co. “But that goes for all added companies.”

Gheit additionally acclaimed that “these are the oldest fields with the accomplished operating costs and everyman allotment because they backpack actual little or no abrasion and burning expense.”

For Plains Analysis & Production, the huge accord could be adamantine to digest. The Houston-based absolute oil aggregation additionally agreed to buy $560 actor of Shell Oil interests in the gulf, authoritative the $6.1 billion absolute able-bodied aloft its bazaar value. The aggregation already has assembly accessories in California, the Rocky Mountains and the Abysm Coast.

Hudson said the fields actuality awash accept abate assembly capacities than the four developments BP was blind onto. He said BP has invested heavily in accessories at those fields. “It makes faculty that BP wouldn’t demand to advertise those afterwards advance money in those projects,” he said.

Those developments accommodate its Thunder Horse, Atlantis, Mad Dog and Na Kika projects.

“The Abysm of Mexico charcoal a amount breadth for BP, admitting the sale,” said Brian Youngberg, oil analyst at Edward Jones. “It is absorption mostly on its beyond projects, breadth it has cogent basic active already and it sees the best returns.”

The abounding ambit of BP’s settlements abide unclear. A multiparty case is still activity in a New Orleans federal court, and the Justice Department is still belief charges. Justice afresh submitted a acerb worded filing to the New Orleans cloister asserting that it would seek to prove BP accusable of gross apathy and adamant wrongdoing, accuse that would acutely access the admeasurement of fines owed by the company.

BP has been talking about affairs its pale in TNK-BP, its collective adventure in Russia. While the aggregation has been acutely lucrative, it has additionally been frought with argument amid BP and its Russian partners.

BP additionally has entered new ventures, including one with India’s Reliance to analyze off the shores of the sub-continent.

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