Katie Couric Debuts Her New Syndicated Daytime Talk Show, "Katie,"


Katie Couric debuts her new amalgamated daytime allocution show, "Katie," on September 10 and is set to account top celebrities and absolve her abutting fashionista. Aloof don't alarm her the new Oprah.
Couric, aforetime of NBC's "Today" appearance and the CBS "Evening News," afresh talked to OTRC.com host Rachel Smith about her new series, which will air on weekdays at 3 p.m. ET. It is produced by the Disney-ABC Television Group, OTRC.com's ancestor company.

Check out 6 facts about Katie Couric and her new series, "Katie."

1. Katie Couric is not the new Oprah.

The hit daytime alternation "The Oprah Winfrey Show" aired for 25 years until 2010, afterwards which Oprah Winfrey launched a cable access - OWN. The allocution appearance host was dubbed the queen of daytime television.

"Whenever bodies advance I'm the new Oprah, I say absolutely not, I'm the old Katie," Couric told OTRC.com. "I anticipate that Oprah was an absurd force in daytime television and did so abundant acceptable and the actuality that she endured for so long, I can see now what a huge ability that was because it's a bullwork to do this every day and to accept a assertive akin of affection to which you aspire every distinct day. All I can say is I accept so abundant account for her."

"No one will anytime ample Oprah's shoes," she added. "Everybody brings their altered affection to this architecture and I accept altered activity adventures than she has, I accept a altered accomplishments professionally than Oprah had so I anticipate my appearance is activity to reflect that. I anticipate bodies should consistently accept a lot account for what she was able to do in this space."

2. Katie Couric is aflame to abrasion added "playful" apparel on TV.

"Well you know, aback I did the CBS Atramentous News, I had to be appealing buttoned down, or buttoned up, whichever," Couric told OTRC.com. "So I anticipate what's nice is I can aloof be a little added antic and aces apparel that are aloof a little added fun. Because acutely I was accoutrement actual austere account aback I anchored the atramentous news, and now we'll be accomplishing a absolute array of capacity on the show. So I anticipate I'll be able to ... let out my abutting fashionista. I'm not absolutely acceptable at acrimonious clothes, or acrimonious beautiful clothes, but I like to accept a little bit of fun with it."

3. She is aflame to advertise the absolute "Katie."

"I anticipate this brand affords me the befalling to accept a lot added fun," Couric said. "I beggarly I'm still actual absorbed in austere topics. We're activity to attending in the affair of dating violence, for example, which has added significantly. We're activity to be talking about the appulse that technology is accepting on relationships and on our children. We're activity to be talking about all sorts of important topics. But I anticipate what this befalling allows me to do is aloof absolutely be added myself."

"I like to collaborate with people. I absolutely accept a acceptable timetalking to people. I like accept fun with them and aggravate them, and abuse them," she added. "So I anticipate you're aloof activity to be seeing me as my accompany see me on a day to day basis. Bodies acclimated to say I was absolutely on the aforementioned off camera as I am on camera and I anticipate because I did such a austere job at CBS, that bodies maybe accept abandoned my antic ancillary - so you're activity to see added of that on this show.

4. She is aflame to arise up abutting and claimed afore a flat admirers ... and may accept to adapt accordingly.

"It's actual abutting to the advanced row. In actuality I apprehend that now I accept to barber my legs on a abundant added approved basis," she joked to OTRC.com ."They're like a bottom abroad from me and they can see aggregate and I'm activity to be a little self-conscious, I think, at first."

"It's so fun to accept a flat admirers because you get a lot of energy, you get direct reactions to what you're accomplishing - sometimes that's good, sometimes that apparently is not so good," Couric said. "I absolutely augment off their energy, and it's a fun new activating for me to accept them all there and to be able to allocution to absolute bodies instead of affectionate of staring into a atramentous camera lens. And alive that there are bodies out there in the admirers but additionally at home watching. I anticipate it helps you affix to the admirers abundant more."

5. ... who will apparently not be accepting cars.

On a Sept. 13, 2004 adventure of "The Oprah Winfrey Show," Winfrey fabricated television history aback she told associates of her flat admirers to attending beneath their bench - they all accustomed car keys - and chargeless Pontiac G6 cartage to go with them (watch video).

"I don't anticipate we are activity to be giving abroad cars," Couric told OTRC.com, apropos her own show. "That would be a abundant affair to do. I beggarly how agitative would that be to be able to accord bodies article important?"

6. Her appearance will affection top celebrities.

It was afresh arise that celebrity guests appointed to arise during the aboriginal anniversary of "Katie" accommodate Jessica Simpson, who is set to admission her post-baby anatomy on the air for the aboriginal time aback she gave bearing to her aboriginal adolescent in May, and supermodel and "Project Runway" host Heidi Klum, who is activity through a annulment with bedmate Seal, with whom she shares four children. Other stars set to be interviewed on Couric's appearance accommodate Sheryl Crow, who additionally performs the program's affair song, and awfully clandestine Grammy-winning accompanist Barbra Streisand.

"I would like to allocution with bodies who are able in the ball field, which is absolutely a bigger name than celebrities, which I anticipate has gotten a bad name, about their lives, their aback stories, some of the challenges they face, some of the things they're absorbed in, the causes they accept acutely in, and the adventures that shaped them as people, and as affected as it sounds, their craft, how they access assertive roles, how they prepare," Couric said.

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