A Man Filled With “Olympic Spirit” Has Decided To Try To Swim The Atlantic Ocean


 The 34-year-old London man said he was so aggressive by pond contest in the 2012 London Olympics that he absitively to try to bathe the Atlantic, all the way to New York, the ball blog Starometer reported. The man said he capital to accompany some of Britain’s activity for the Olympics overseas.

Unfortunately, the man was not actual acceptable at math. The aboriginal man to bathe the Atlantic Ocean, Benoit Lecomte, took 73 canicule to complete to trip, which would put the London man on America’s shores connected afterwards the Olympic Games accept completed. Lecomte, who completed his bathe in 1998,
additionally had the advice of wetsuits, a abutment baiter to chase his cruise and alike an electromagnetic acreage to area off sharks.

The London man, who jumped into the Atlantic in Biarritz, France, approved to accomplish the bathe unaided. His accompany said he was a acceptable swimmer, but they still anticipation he was badinage afore he jumped into the water.

His accompany anticipation he was badinage and back they apperceive that the man is a acceptable swimmer, they accustomed him to jump in the water.

“He was a bit naive,” said Laurent Saintespes, chief administrator at Biarritz airbase to AFP. “But at a time back the Olympics are demography abode in London you accept to see the funny ancillary of things.”

Friends and lifeguards watched as the man swam out above buoys 300 yards from bank that apparent the acknowledged banned for swimming, The Daily Mail reported. Lifeguards watched as he connected on, attempting to accomplish what would accept been a 3,594-mile journey.

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