People Without iPhones Can Still Experience Some Mobile Yelp Updates

Yelp has redesigned its adaptable experience, and it’s accepting a abundant accord of acclaim (particularly the adapted iPhone app).

“The old architecture of our business pages has served us well, but it was time for a remodel,” said Yelp’s Director of Consumer & Adaptable Products in a blog post. “We tore it bottomward to the studs and congenital it aback up with an eye on aesthetics and efficiency. We anticipate you’ll acquisition browsing business details, photos, analysis highlights, reviews and tips far added enjoyable.”

There’s additionally a new “pull to view” feature, which lets the user cull bottomward the folio and absolution to jump into a arcade of photos for a business.

The tech blogosphere seems to be admiring the new app. SlashGear says the amend “brings the awesome”.

“The updates do enhance the account of Yelp,” says CNET’s Lance Whitney, acquainted that the amend brings “lots of ‘awesomeness’.

PC Magazine concurs that it comes with “loads of ‘awesomeness’.”

Actually, “awesomeness” is how Bark is casting the adapted app. in the App Store, Bark says in the “what’s new” section, “This amend is actually abounding to the border with awesomeness. We’re not badinage — we had to get an intern to angle on the top of it aloof to get it ambiguous up and alien to the App Store.”

Beyond the new app, Bark should be accepting affluence of adulation from iPhone users in the abreast future, as it will be chip into Apple’s Maps artefact with the accessible iOS 6, due out this fall.

People after iPhones can still acquaintance some adaptable Bark updates. The aggregation has additionally redesigned its adaptable armpit at The armpit now lets users log into their Bark accounts to appearance and actualize bookmarks and add tips.

“While basal in functionality, these appearance and bigger user interface are active in deepening adaptable assurance with our users,” the aggregation says.

There’s additionally an iPad update, which lets users vote on and acclaim reviews, upload photos and adapt business info.

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