WWE Monday Night Raw In Montreal Announcer Jerry "The King" Lawler Suffered A Heart Attack At Ringside


During this week's WWE Monday Night Raw in Montreal, anchorperson Jerry "The King" Lawler suffered a affection advance at ringside, was stretchered to the backstage area, accustomed CPR and was taken to a Montreal hospital.

Lawler had anaplasty to adjustment a blockage in his heart, according to TheScore's Arda Ocal.

As Raw went off the air, admirers were told Lawler's action had "stabilized." Through its Twitter account, WWE appear that Lawler had become "more responsive," is "reacting to lights" and will abide a CAT scan.

"Jerry anesthetized out actuality at ringside," said a addled Michael Cole to the television audience, Lawler's bench abandoned beside him. "He was stretchered to the back.

"He is accepting medical absorption as we speak. They are assuming CPR. And again, this is not, not allotment of tonight's entertainment."

SLAM! Wrestling's Patric Laprade was at Raw at the Bell Centre, and filed this report:

"Lawler affective (Cole's) arm, burst and his face was blueish. Something like 7-8 bodies rushed to over to him, aerial him backstage. The medics were acutely told by the assembly to go backstage as they didn't demand annihilation to appear in advanced of the fans.

"Right after, bodies were active everywhere, not appearing to apperceive what to do exactly. Cole looked like he saw a apparition and seemed actual shaken.

"The agents bankrupt the attic abreast the announcers booth, I'm not abiding if that's because he threw up or not.

"There was absolutely a moment of agitation during those few minutes.

"During every commercials, the admirers actuality are chanting 'Jerry.' They didn't acquaint us annihilation actuality and what Cole said on TV about Lawler accepting CPR in the aback and that not actuality allotment of the appearance didn't air live."

Twitter went agrarian with the news, including a cheep from Lawler's adept advertisement partner, Jim Ross: "I'm annoyed by the account of my acquaintance Jerry Lawler's medical emergency in Montreal. Hands shaking. Prayers for the King. I feel helpless."

The absolute segments of Raw aired after commentary.

Lawler did battle beforehand in the show, he did leave the ringside announcers table to aggregation with Randy Orton adjoin CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler. 

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