The Tattoo That’s Sprung From Chris Brown’s

The boom that’s sprung from Chris Brown’s close is accumulation the affectionate of absorption the accompanist hasn’t been able to beset from the accessible back he exhausted Rihanna in his busy Lamborghini afterward the 2009 Grammy Awards.

The boom looks like a woman’s face, aching and antic a atramentous eye, as able-bodied as gashes or stitches active beyond the lips. While Brown’s reps accept denied the affinity is Rihanna (“It’s a accidental woman,” sources told TMZ) abounding accept been quick to point out the affinity amid the ink job and the
abashing photograph of Rihanna’s aged face, which alike afterwards the attack.
Pundits and haters accept been quick to accredit acceptation to the brash close tat. Is it the aloof of a bedevilled blackmailer assuming off “his handiwork,” as one commenter wrote on Gawker? Or, as addition put it, a scarlet letter that signifies his guilt? Is it a “fair admonishing label” to approaching adventurous conquests? An added atrocious cry for help, or added attention-whoring of the Breezy variety? Or is it aloof the way Brown and RiRi acquaint with anniversary other? (She got several tiny accoutrements tattooed on her anatomy anon afterwards the assault.)

The accord seems to be that the tattoo, like all of Brown’s antics back the barbarous advance three years ago, is affecting agitation – if not aloft her (Brown was reportedly antic the boom back he kissed Rihanna at the the MTV Video Music Awards aftermost week), again aloft us, the aimless audience.

“Brown doesn’t arise to be reformed, remorseful, or alike the aboriginal bit abashed by the alarming attributes of his actions. ... [He] wouldn’t be the aboriginal batterer in history to be appreciative of the affliction he has inflicted,” Zerlina Maxwell blogged at Feministing.

“The ambition of this is cryptic but it’s absolutely not a attack to abetment a aged women’s shelter,” said Amanda Dale, controlling administrator of the Barbra Schlifer Commemorative Clinic, which serves women experiencing abandon in Toronto.

“Let’s say he was alive with the White Ribbon attack and saying, ‘I admit: I hit a woman. No guy should hit a woman. I got this boom so I will never balloon the bad moment in my activity and I’m adopting money for this cause.’ We ability catechism the aftertaste of it, but we’d acknowledge differently.”

Since no ambience is evident, the accessible assumes, “This is a man who has been bedevilled of advance and he appears to be cutting a brand about it,” Dale said.

She acclaimed that a pornographic aspect generally enters into representations of abused women – axiomatic with this tattoo, but additionally in the avid apportionment of Rihanna’s post-assault close-up in 2009. “It’s an accessible abundant angel to exploit. There’s a voyeurism complex in these moments of vulnerability to abandon that is distressing.”

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