NASA's Space Missions Cost Millions And Millions Of Dollars

NASA's amplitude missions amount millions and millions of dollars, but a British jailbait has managed to get some beauteous shots of planet Earth application aloof a camera he bought on eBay and a do-it-yourself spacecraft.

Nineteen-year-old Adam Cudworth spent aloof 40 hours and about $600 to grab the images you see above, according to a Telegraph report. He placed the camera, a simple Canon A570, in an cloistral box with a GPS device, radio transmitter and microprocessor. Again he acclimated a airship to accelerate the makeshift
aircraft added than 20 afar into the sky -- aerial enough, his photos show, to abduction affecting angle of the Earth's curvature.

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The accessory took about two and bisected hours to ascend, again Cudworth acclimated the GPS and radio transmitter to locate its landing atom about 30 afar abroad from his home, the Telegraph reports. Cudworth was additionally able to clue the package's acceleration and distance application a congenital ambit board.

"When I retrieved the camera I was abashed -- it had captured some absurd photos and footage," he says.

The advanced -- and acknowledged -- achievement ability advance you to accept Cudworth is some array of adolescent science prodigy. But that's not the case. He's an engineering apprentice at Nottingham University whose accomplished academic science accomplishments consists of a accepted physics course.

"I accept no accomplishments in astrochemistry or annihilation like that, I'm aloof an engineering student," Cudworth tells the Telegraph. "People anticipate it's article that costs millions of pounds, but I've accepted you can do it on aloof a £200 budget."

What's the coolest do-it-yourself amplitude activity you've heard of? Tell us about it in the comments.

This adventure originally appear on Mashable here.

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