Gold Medalist Tianna Madison Her Husband Being Sued By Parents


United States gold advocate Tianna Madison and her bedmate are actuality sued by Madison's parents for libel, aspersion and defamation.

The Olympic sprinter won gold in London as allotment of the 4x100 beat broadcast aggregation that set a new apple record.

Madison's parents Robert and Jo Ann Madison are claiming that she has again fabricated and appear apocryphal and calumniating statements about them. Tianna Madison has told account outlets that her parents
mismanaged her affairs and advisedly accustomed a boy who had confused her ahead to be in her attendance at their home.

The accusation was filed at a Cuyahoga County's Court of Common Pleas in Ohio on Sept. 6. The Madisons alive in Elyria, Ohio, and Tianna Madison lives in Tampa, Fla.

In the lawsuit, Robert and Jo Ann Madison say that their daughter's bedmate John Bartoletta told them on March 17, 2012 that she would be filing a accusation adjoin them for "misappropriation of funds and artifice based on her ability of attorney" and that he had assassin a babysitter to assure her.

The accusation was never filed, but the parents said they were "shocked by these unfounded and apocryphal allegations."

"Throughout her childhood, and into adulthood, Robert Madison and Jo Ann Madison accept provided Tianna Madison with a loving, admiring and acceptable ambiance that has enabled her to accomplish success as a sprinter, including her accepting a gold badge at the 2012 Olympic Games, as able-bodied as accomplishing success in added able-bodied endeavors," the accusation said.

Tianna Madison, 27, has additionally about accused her parents of agreeable a boy into their home who she said had ahead confused her. Her parents abjure the claim.

"Robert Madison and Jo Ann Madison were not acquainted of any agitation of Defendant Tianna Madison, and at present, they abide blind of whether Defendant Tianna Madison was anytime confused or not," the accusation said.

In the canicule above-mentioned to the Olympics, the parents affirmation that they accustomed a argument bulletin from their babe in which she said that "after the Olympic Games, she would 'break the story' of the Madisons 'selfish, controlling, and absolutely calumniating means and treatment' of her, and that 'it is activity to be brutal.'"

Tianna Madison's representative, Brian Butler, did not acknowledge to appeal for animadversion today, but told Ohio's Chronicle-Telegram that Madison and her bedmate would not be commenting about on the lawsuit.

"This should be a time for not aloof Tianna, but her ancestors to bless all she has gone through and her acceptable a gold medal," Butler told the paper. "That is what she is activity to focus on at this time."

Robert and Jo Ann Madison affirmation that their daughter's calumniating comments accept acquired them "humiliation, accessible ridicule, brainy affliction and anguish," according to the lawsuit. They are gluttonous amercement in balance of $25,000.

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