Glenn Beck, Hank Williams Jr. Texas Hosted "Restoring Love."


Only a ages ago, Texas hosted "Restoring Love."

Looks like it didn't take.

In a anniversary back civic TV admirers watched an 82-year-old man verbally abuse an innocent chair, artist Hank Williams Jr. unleashed a Stockyards address adjoin gays and "Love" host Glenn Beck himself blew up at a bad-humored flight attendant.

Beck accustomed to his radio admirers Tuesday that "I absent my cool" Monday at Dallas/Fort Worth
Airport afterwards an American Airlines accessory "barked" at him, banged bottomward his bendable alcohol can and contrarily snubbed him on a flight from New York.

Beck said the flight accessory fabricated him feel "subhuman." He acclimated his appearance to bang "liberal American Airlines" for the claimed slight.

A adolescent Southlake commuter on the aforementioned flight saw it differently.

Beck "threw the best adolescent hissy fit I've anytime seen," Colton Hess wrote on Twitter.

Beck, 48, confused to Westlake from New York aftermost year and hosts circadian radio and Web shows from a above cine assembly flat in Las Colinas.

He told radio admirers how he was mocked by strangers and servers on a weekend appointment to New York.

For no credible reason, Beck acclaimed that one behind barbecue boutique was "minority-owned."

Already in abounding victim mode, Beck boarded the flight home, alone to appointment a flight accessory who abandoned him while fussing over added passengers.

According to Beck, the accessory bragged about his time in the Israeli army and said he was "so appreciative of the actual advanced cities in America."

For that, Beck abhorrent the airline and "the affectionate of bodies that American Airlines brand to hire."

In one cursory moment of humility, he added: "I shouldn't accept absent my temper."

This airport ball came afterwards Williams advised the Stockyards Music Festival to a complaint about "queer guitar-pickers."

In the average of what is billed as his "Taking Back the Country 2012" tour, the 63-year-old agreeable advocate added assemblage commentary.

According to The Dallas Morning News, Williams said: "We've got a Muslim for a admiral who hates cowboys, hates cowgirls, hates fishing, hates farming, loves gays, and we abhorrence him!"

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