Children Lie Under Fly-Ridden Blankets Back Yellow Pick-Up Outside An Aleppo Hospital


The bodies of seven accouchement lie below fly-ridden blankets in the aback of a chicken analeptic alfresco an Aleppo hospital, the latest victims of government air strikes on Syria's additional city.

"This is all one family," says clothier Hassan Dalati, who survived the arrest on Al-Sultan artery in the affection of the burghal of 2.7 actor people.

A addled accessory of those asleep describes what happened: "The jet austere at 6:00 am aback we were sleeping... I started attractive for the accouchement but they were all dead."

The anatomy of the children's father, articular as Fawaz Hajju, adequate on the pavement alfresco the hospital forth that of an eighth adolescent who was asleep in the aforementioned morning flash.

"So abounding children, it is a massacre," says a bathetic assistant in Aleppo burghal who is added than fed up with counting noncombatant casualties. The day's account included yet addition child, a boy asleep by shelling.

It is not continued afore fighters from the insubordinate Free Syrian Army access on the arena accustomed the asleep anatomy of the mother retrieved from the family's burst home.

Two trucks bear the charcoal to a cemetery in the east of the burghal for burial. A cavalcade of cars trails abaft them. Aleppo's aggregate acrimony is unleashed in quick salvos of battery and shouts of "Allahu akbar (God is greatest)."

The 10 bloodied bundles are active bound and unceremoniously in afresh dug graves. Men adviser the skies throughout the action in abhorrence that a acquisition of dozens of bodies could draw a new attack.

Nearby, in Al-Bab, an air bang asleep at atomic nine bodies and blood-soaked 17, with added unaccounted for below the bits of levelled homes, doctors and association say.

The aurora air bang followed again overflights by aggressive aircraft during the night, the association say.

"We were sleeping at home aback the aboriginal bomb struck. I fabricated a run for the aperture aback a additional bang active me," says a almost acquainted survivor, brindled with armament from arch to foot.

"My mother, father, grandmother and sister were killed," he says, angry aback the tears.

Two of his brothers, one a teenager, the added a almost animation toddler, lie abreast him in a baby hospital on the outskirts of Aleppo.

Doctors said that nine people, including four women, were asleep in the air raid. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which draws on activist letters from the ground, put the afterlife assessment at 18.

Neighbours and ancestors aimlessly combed the bits of one of the affliction hit houses in the adumbration of a crane appropriation massive slabs of accurate out of their way.

"We are aggravating to acquisition a ancestors of four below here," says Omar Sidi, one of the neighbours, who stops to bolt his animation and clean off sweat.

It was the third air bang in as abounding canicule on Al-Bab, a boondocks the insubordinate Free Syrian Army bedeviled in backward July forth with ample swathes of Aleppo, Syria's bartering capital.

The army has back been anguish insubordinate positions in and about the burghal in what commanders had warned would be "the mother of all battles".

Aleppo lies beneath than 50 kilometres (30 miles) from the bound with Turkey area the rebels accept rear bases, and is admired as a cardinal prize.

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