Typhoon Bolaven Made Landfall On Northern Okinawa Around 12:00 UTC


According to accident clay close AIR Worldwide, Draft Bolaven fabricated landfall on arctic Okinawa about 12:00 UTC on August 26, as a able class 3 typhoon, as affected by the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA).

It additionally appear minimum axial burden at landfall of 920 mb and 10-minute abiding wind speeds of 175 km/hr [110 mph].  However, the everyman empiric sea akin burden account was 935.1 mb, at Nago, amid on the west axial allotment of the island anon aural the eye.

According to AIR, Bolaven’s appulse on Okinawa, Japan, was “less astringent than accepted and barrio withstood the storm well; best insured residential structures on Okinawa are congenital of concrete. In fact, government authorities accept appear that no above accident was inflicted by Bolaven on Okinawa as of Monday morning. Damaged barrio accept been appear on the adjacent Amami Islands, but alone bound accident advice is accessible at this time. Aerial apprehension resulted in ability outages to 17,500 households and felled trees. As of Monday morning, 9,800 households in Okinawa are still after power.”

Jason Butke, chief scientist at AIR Worldwide, explained: “Based on the alarm at landfall, Bolaven was acceptable ability an eye bank backup aeon at the time of landfall. Dry air was entrained into the amount as acute alteration was belted to the small, 20 km [12.5 miles] bore eye bank and to abandoned agriculturalist bands encircling the storm. This would explain why weaker-than-expected apprehension were empiric on Okinawa; that is, the aerial wind speeds aloft were not actuality calmly transferred to the surface.”

AIR said the “strongest 10-minute abiding wind speeds absolutely recorded on Okinawa were 25.1 m/s, or 105 km/hr (1-minute sustained), at Naha.  The arch wind access was 38.5 m/s, or 140 km/hr, additionally at Naha.  100 km [60 miles] to the arctic of landfall at Okinoerabu, a 10-minute abiding wind acceleration of 29.4 m/s, or 120 km/hr (1-minute sustained) and a wind access of 42.7 m/s, or 155 km/hr was observed.”

The draft is currently bridge the East China Sea with a minimum axial burden estimated at 960 mb and 10-minute abiding wind speeds estimated at 140 km/hr [87.5 mph], according to the JMA.  Bolaven is anticipation to abide to abate in an added adverse ambiance of acknowledgment sea apparent temperatures and college wind shear.

Butke added: “Bolaven is anticipation to abide affective north, appear the Korean Peninsula, and accomplish landfall tomorrow over southwestern Arctic Korea.  The anticipation landfall acuteness is 975 mb and 10-minute abiding wind speeds of 110 km/hr [68.75 mph], or actual anemic class 1 draft intensity. If this anticipation holds, Bolaven would be one of the arch close cyclones to affect this arctic arena of South Korea in the aftermost 60 years. After authoritative landfall in Arctic Korea, Bolaven is anticipation to recurve to the northeast and alteration added tropically into a mid-latitude cyclone.”

Although storm billow was accepted to be a above botheration for Okinawa—more than 400,000 bodies alive at elevations beneath than 50 meters—this blackmail did not materialize.

According to AIR, Bolaven “may account added all-encompassing accident back it makes landfall on the arctic Korean Peninsula. Minor accident to non-engineered copse anatomy barrio is expected, decidedly to roof envelopes. Engineered structures could ache basal accident to windows and cladding due to wind-borne debris.”

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