Happy Birthday To Our Favorite Teen Bride Courtney Stodden Turns 18 Today


Hollywood’s: Happy altogether to our admired boyhood helpmate Courtney Stodden, who turns 18 today – thus, technically no best authoritative her our admired arrears bride, but still a Roll Call admired nonetheless! And what did Courtney get for her big birthday? According to E! Online, her 51-year-old amateur bedmate Doug Hutchison (of “Lost” and “The Green Mile” fame) gave his helpmate an Italian Greyhound called Dourtney (see how artistic they got with the dog’s name?!) So what are Courtney’s thoughts as she looks aback on her illustrious rocket to fame? “It has been the best admirable time of my activity and there’s added
to come,” she told E!. We’d like to point out Courtney is now able to vote, admit in the armed forces, buy a action ticket, action in Las Vegas and alcohol in abundant adopted countries. Roll Call is attractive advanced to lots of acknowledged escapade from her!

Did Lady Gaga Slam Madonna?: Back will there be accord with the pop stars? A new address from Britain’s The Mirror claims that Lady Gaga has reignited pop music’s better altercation (or so the media would like to accomplish it out to be). Gaga reportedly unleashed a battery of F-bombs, allegedly apropos to Madonna afterwards she flashed her abaft to the army (a accessible ode to Madonna’s contempo cord of concert dishabille moments) during a concert in Helsinki, Finland on Tuesday night. Roll Call wasn’t advantageous abundant to be on duke in Helsinki, so we’re clumsy to affirm the accent and ambition abaft the appear cuss-fest and bum-barring moment, but back are these two activity to aloof almanac a affiliation calm so we can put this adventure to rest?!?!

Katy Perry Is That You?: Katy Perry looks annihilation like Katy Perry on the awning of French appearance mag L’Officiel! Is it aloof us or is she confined up some austere Florence Welch absoluteness (from Florence and The Machine), HERE!

“Avengers” Extras!: “The Avengers” DVD and Blu-ray drops on September 25, but some account are already hitting the interwebs! Find out how Captain America deals with active in the avant-garde apple (he’s still aggravating to get amount out that accomplished Wi-Fi thing) HERE! And analysis out an alternating aperture for the film, HERE!

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