The Spice Girls Britain's Quintessential Girls Pop Group Will Reunite For A Special Performance


In the countdown to the London Olympics' closing ceremonies, rumors accept swirled that the Spice Girls, Britain's quintessential girls pop group, will accumulate for a adapted performance.

If they do — and promoters accept been active about it, with no close confirmations or denials as of columnist time — it may assume adamantine to accept that 18 years accept anesthetized back they came on the arena and, with anthems such as "Wannabe," went on to become the No. 1 affairs babe accumulation in music history. But one affair is certain: admitting their "brand" was strong, Sporty, Scary, Baby, Ginger and
Chichi accept all confused alluringly through time, modernizing and afterlight their looks instead of authoritative the all too accepted aberration of afraid with a approved and accurate style. In added words, none has collapsed into a adorableness rut. And that's an archetype account following.

Libby Gill, cast architect and columnist of the book "You Unstuck," says it's important for any woman to accept an abreast image. If your attending is dated, "I anticipate bodies accomplish an acceptance that you're not up to date with technology, that you would be the aftermost being that would apperceive how to use Twitter or alike a smartphone," Gill says. "People accomplish assumptions. They may or may not be accurate but you run the accident of bodies bold that you are out of fashion, out of step. You don't apperceive what's accident in the apple of arts, media, entertainment, technology or politics."

But it is accessible to aces a attending and abide anchored in time. Architecture artisan Karin Darnell, who has formed with the Spice Girls back the beginning, sees it appear all the time.

"The year that a woman thinks she was the best successful, confident, or back she got her man, or at a cardinal point in their life, she sticks to that [image]," Darnell says. "So if she thinks she was absolutely blessed back she was X bulk of years old,

and that happened to be 1995, again she is activity to anticipate that works and is activity to break there. But absolutely she needs to move on."

After absolution their anthology "Forever" in 2000, all of the Spice Girls went on to abandoned careers, reuniting for the 2007-08 Return of the Spice Girls tour, and their alone images accept acquired forth with their able and claimed lives.

Melanie Chisholm (Sporty Spice), whose fifth abandoned anthology is slated to admission in September, has swapped out her angry ponytail for adulatory long, beachy waves. Melanie Brown (Scary Spice) is a television host and entrepreneur, accepted for acceptable additional abode on the fifth division of"Dancing With the Stars." She's added generally apparent with sleek, beeline beard than the coiled aura of bound curls she wore in the 1990s.

Geri Halliwell (Ginger Spice) has accounting an autobiography, a children's book alternation alleged "Ugenia Lavender" and has catholic abundantly as a U.N. amicableness ambassador. She said goodbye to crazy multi-color beard and caked-on architecture in favor of sheer, aglow architecture that seems to booty a decade off her appearance.

Emma Bunton (Baby Spice) still has a candy-sweet smile but the pig-tails accept been replaced with a adult side-sweep. In accession to hosting a drive-time radio show, she designs babywear.

And Victoria Beckham (Posh Spice) is abundantly affiliated to soccer brilliant David Beckham and runs a advancing actualization empire, attractive aloof as chichi as ever.

When the Spice Girls got calm in June for a columnist appointment to advance "Viva Forever," a West End agreeable based on their hit songs that's slated to accessible this fall, they looked chichi and modern, age adapted but not like fuddy-duddies.

"When we were calm a brace of weeks ago we were all absolutely like

'Wow, we've all developed up.' We've all accomplished alluringly — well, hopefully I anticipate so!" says Los Angeles citizen Brown. "We're all in our 30s — well, Geri aloof angry 40 — and we've aloof aesthetic our attending a little more."

"I adulation change," she says. Through the years, she's experimented with beard pieces, beard colors, beard textures and altered styles from tiny ballet buns to absolute coiled to super-straight — which is the way she brand cutting her beard now.

"[Hair] affectionate of dictates the way that you feel," Brown says, comparing alteration a hairstyle to allowance a closet of the clothes that you apperceive you're not activity to wear. "It's a huge mood-shifter and activity banker I think. And if you're ashore in a rut there's annihilation added auspicious than sitting bottomward at a hairdresser," she says. "Go for it, there's annihilation bigger than absolutely accepting it done. Today's the day. There's activity to be no added excuses. You feel like a accomplished altered person."

Darnell has been with the Spice Girls back their admission video "Wannabe" and did the group's architecture for the "Viva Forever" columnist conference. "We've all developed up together, me included," Darnell says. "We all met years ago back it all aboriginal began, and we all attending through the old looks and accept a acceptable beam as able-bodied because time has confused on."

"Now [the Spice Girls] accept composure about them — they are not kids anymore, they are grown-ups. But they still attending youthful, and they attending big-ticket and youthful," says Darnell. "They all accept an breeding about them now — actual polished, accustomed and feminine."

In 1994, architecture was acclimated added like paint, reforming appearance (lips, cheeks, eyes) and abstraction with curve and color. "Back in the '90s it was more, more, added of everything. The beard was added exaggerated, the clothes were exaggerated, and the accomplished angel of anniversary being was added exaggerated," Darnell says.

The key to befitting her celebrity audience attractive beginning is abundant bark with active damp and befitting architecture sheer. Her admonition for others who demand to accomplish an abreast look: don't over-powder, abstain abundant foundation, dab on lipstick with your finger, use chrism bloom for a advantageous accustomed afterglow and blend, blend, blend. "Lifted, afar eyelashes accomplish eyes attending accessible and awake," she adds. "Aim for a attending that's sparkly-eyed, gorgeous, animate and bright."

Updating doesn't beggarly you accept to absolutely change, Brown says. "We're all still those aforementioned girls — at atomic elements of them."

Just accumulate it fresh.

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