Chris Rock And Julie Delpy Make A Striking Couple In Real Life

Chris Rock and Julie Delpy accomplish a arresting brace – and I’m not talking about what you ability anticipate I’m talking about. The actuality that their characters are of altered contest isn’t presented as a huge accord in Delpy’s new blur “2 Days in New York,” and as they both said in our conversation, it added isn’t such a big accord in the absolute apple either. Whether sitting abutting to anniversary added on a daybed at the Sundance Blur Festival or arena a argument affiliated brace on-screen, their modes of actuality in the apple could hardly be added different. (An beforehand adaptation of this account was appear from

Rock is a cool, laconic, anxious character, a man of few words who takes the time to appraise things afore reacting. Delpy seems agitated and overcaffeinated, consistently in motion; she talks a dejected streak, action at her own jokes, half-seriously accuses me of sexism. In fact, she describes herself as “panicky and neurotic,” and “a little bit nuts.” (Oh, and aloof to be clear: Despite what you may apprehend below, Rock and Delpy are not a brace in absolute life.)

Fans of Delpy’s camp 2007 accord ball “2 Days in Paris” will already accept a acceptable abstraction what to apprehend here, but it absolutely doesn’t amount whether you’ve apparent the beforehand movie. Jack, the American admirer played by Adam Goldberg in that film, has clearly confused on (leaving abaft a adolescent son), and Delpy’s character, a somewhat unhinged conceptual artisan called Marion, is now shacking up with a Village Voice announcer and radio host called Mingus, who has a babe of his own. (Rock says the appearance is based on the arresting African-American journalists Nelson George and Elvis Mitchell, both accompany of his. If you’ve met either of those guys or apparent them on TV, the cine aloof got a lot funnier.)

Rock absolutely gets some action here, but he isn’t accomplishing ad-lib or amateur shtick, alike admitting he does bear two monologues to a agenda agent of Barack Obama. (It’s a gag that shouldn’t assignment – the guy whose air-conditioned abstract acquaintance is the admiral – but is somehow hilarious.) The film’s arch antecedent of ball is the clamor of cultural confounding that ensues back Marion’s ancestor (played afresh by Albert Delpy, her absolute ancestor and a adept French date actor), her compulsively amorous sister (Alexia Landeau) and her sister’s wannabe-black admirer (Alexandre Nahon) all alight aloft Marion and Mingus’ bashful Manhattan apartment.

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