Pretty Little Liars Fans Owned Twitter Tonight In Anticipation Of Tonight’s Big BetrAyal

Pretty Little Liars admirers endemic Twitter tonight in apprehension of tonight’s big “betrAyal.” And the acknowledge beatific some admirers into people-think-I’m-being-murdered screams. Others, like this fan, artlessly absent control: “Full on afraid and action [sic] my eyes out. #PLL.”

So, in accustomed bodies terms, was the aberration account the (over)reactions? You be the judge:

Like every Pretty Little Liars episode, this summer afterpiece kept you academic until the end. And those of you who had your money on Paige were…OUT OF LUCK! In fact, the final account appear that it was
Toby who was alive on the A Team.

Is there added to it? I’m abiding there is. But in the meantime, admirers accept a continued time to action that information. (The appearance doesn’t acknowledgment until October.) And while we all aren’t active praying for benevolence on Toby’s soul, there’s additionally Caleb who needs a few acceptable wishes. Last we heard he was in surgery, accepting patched up afterwards actuality shot.

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Yes, a lot happened. And I’ll aback up for those of you who aren’t afterward my nonlinear booty on activity in Rosewood.

Someone died tonight. We knew that was coming. But the big catechism was WHO. The answer? Nate, who went all nutso and took Emily earnest AFTER kidnapping pencil-wielder Paige, who we had all affected the affliction about. (Sorry!)

Emily was the one who dead Nate. Afterwards escaping, she ran to a alarm — a absolute showdown atom — and had a affray that concluded in him actuality stabbed with his own knife. What a loser.

Caleb accustomed to animate Emily, who was arrant afterwards killing Nate, which I didn’t absolutely understand. Dude was gonna annihilate you, Emily! Don’t cry; ache him afresh to accomplish abiding it’s done! But she didn’t. Instead, we heard a gunshot! (I KNEW the additional Hanna bidding to Caleb that she hated the gun that article bad was activity to happen.) It’s not absolutely bright — to me, at atomic — WHO attempt it, but we apperceive poor Caleb was on the accepting end of the bullet. (Bullets > blush bristling lamps) I achievement his abs are still symmetrical.

At the hospital — as if a death, a austere injury, and the actuality that one of them aloof dead a man wasn’t abundant to accord with — the girls abstruse that Garrett was set free. Yikes.

Life aloof isn’t accessible for this quartet, and while it absolutely sucks to be them, it’s alarming for us to watch.

PLL fans, complete off on the summer finale, and please absolve me for axis aback into a 13-year-old for this recap. This appearance has actual admiral over me. I accept I accept added in accepted with the above bedeviled admirers than I thought.

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