“Big Foot” Sightings Or The Rumored Existence Of The “Loch Ness Monster,” Karlie Redd‘s

Like “Big Foot” sightings or the accounted actuality of the “Loch Ness Monster,” Karlie Redd‘s REAL age has been a abstruseness to us all, as she continues to lie and acquaint bodies that she’s “in her twenties.”

In case you didn’t already apperceive … Karlie Redd stars on the hit VH1 absoluteness appearance “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,” which is currently wrapping up its aboriginal season, with the afterpiece accepting aired aftermost week, and the additional allotment of the Reunion Special set to air abutting Monday night (Sep 3).

And aftermost night on Allotment 1 of the LHHA Reunion Show, Karlie — a perpetual, besetting cheat —
again dodged questions about her age (amid K Michelle’s amusing accusations that she “marched with Martin Luther King” in the 1960′s, LOL!), while additionally abnegation to accord in to questions about her daughter’s age.

She explained her acumen abaft the clandestineness apropos her daughter, adage that that the acumen she banned to acknowledge the character and age of her alone adolescent was to “protect” her.

But we all apperceive the absolute acumen Karlie Redd doesn’t demand us to apperceive her daughter’s age, is because she doesn’t demand association to do the algebraic and amount out how old SHE absolutely is. (You ain’t slick, Karlie Redd!)

When apprenticed about her own age, Karlie claims to be “in her twenties” … but we did some digging, and begin out that she was on a VH1 absoluteness appearance filmed in the mid 2000′s alleged “Scream Queens” — when, at the time, she claimed to be 29 years old.

Now, we’re not algebraic wizards or annihilation … but if she was “29″ in the mid-2000′s, that would AT LEAST put her in the 34 – 36 years old range. And if she’s lying about her age now, again she was apparently lying aback again too, so she could alike be 40 … or older!

Here’s what Karlie Redd had to say in a contempo account with Washington, D.C breadth radio base WKYS 93.9 FM about K Michelle adage she’s 50-years-old:

    “Do I attending like I’m 50? …don’t accept to K Michelle. K Michelle don’t apperceive what the fuck she’s talking about. I’m in my twenties, and as an amateur you don’t acquaint your age. She [K Michelle] aloof had to say article because I was advancing at her.”

Girl, stop.

Additionally, Karlie’s ex admirer and LHHA co-star Benzino — who has three kids himself, amid the ages of 9 and 19 years old — afresh appear to S2S Magazine that Karlie’s babe is a GROWN woman, which agency that Karlie’s claims of actuality in her “twenties” is authentic bullshit.

    “Me and Karlie are two developed ups, and both of us accept developed children,” Benzino afresh told S2S. “She has a developed daughter.”

    “Karlie’s babe I anticipate is about 17 years old. She aloof accelerating from aerial school,” Benzino revealed.

Meanwhile, our claimed sources actuality at GOT say that Karlie Redd’s exact age is 47 years old, while addition antecedent claims that she was built-in in 1971, which would accomplish her at atomic 40 or 41 years old.

While we may never apperceive how old Karlie Redd absolutely is — until we see a long-form bearing certificate, or article appropriately acclaimed — we at atomic apperceive this abundant … she’s a liar.

And what’s the accord with her aggravating and declining to adumbrate her age anyway?

She’s abuse hot for a 40/50-year-old mom. There’s a appellation for that — MILF.

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