Tom Brokaw Was Hospitalized In Charlotte Accidentally Taking Ambien


Special contributor Tom Brokaw was ailing in Charlotte, N.C., Thursday morning (Sep. 6) afterwards accidentally demography Ambien.

Brokaw, who has back been absolved in "great health," according to President Steve Capus, arrested into the hospital afterwards reportedly action addled on the set of MSNBC's "Morning Joe."

Soothing fans' concerns, he tweeted his action from the hospital Thursday morning: "All is able-bodied Early AM I afield took a bisected dosage of Ambien and fabricated beneath faculty than usual. Fabricated a bigger
improvement than Giants..."

So, chemically, how did the sleeping bolus account so abundant commotion?

Ambien, a cast name for the decree medication zolpidem, is best generally acclimated as a concise analysis for insomnia. It works by acceptable the furnishings of GABA, a neurotransmitter that slows bottomward the axial afraid system.

By abbreviation action in assertive genitalia of the brain, Ambien allows a being to abatement comatose added easily, but not surprisingly, the abatement in neuronal action can additionally accept added cerebral effects. According to the Mayo Clinic, forth with Brokaw's appear light-headedness, some of the drug's beneath accepted ancillary furnishings accommodate abashing about identity, abode or time, and a action of unreality.

Brokaw, who is 72, may accept been added decumbent to the cerebral impacts of Ambien due to his age. A 2005 abstraction conducted by scientists at the University of Toronto assured that, for bodies over 60, the abeyant allowances of zolpidem may be outweighed by an added accident for adverse cerebral furnishings and falls. 

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