The Gangnam Style Mom Video Starts Unassumingly With Mike And His Mom Performing

Gangnam Style mom, the latest ball video committed to the Korean pop accident hit, is alarming all added tributes away.
The video was acquaint to YouTube by ballerina Mike Song and appearance the active adolescent ballerina busting some moves alongside his 60-year-old mom. Song said she’s never danced before, but The Huffington Post addendum that “the video of the mom and son duo assuming the Gangnam Style ball looks like the assignment of professionals.”

The Gangnam Style mom video starts unassumingly with Mike and his mom assuming some appealing absorbing moves to “Gangnam Style,” but it absolutely picks up at about the one minute mark.

Though she’s still a novice, Mike Song is appealing assured in his mom’s dancing abilities.

    “My mom will action your mom,” he wrote.

The success of the Gangnam Style mom video is about as absurd as Psy’s “Gangnam Style” itself. As a hardly overweight, not decidedly adorable 34-year, Psy is far from the barometer in the deeply controlled, formulaic apple of Korean pop music.

And yet, back its absolution in mid July, “Gangnam Style” has been a viral accident on the internet, The Atlantic noted. The clue is now abutting 120 actor angle on YouTube and has become the crossover hit in American that Korean pop has been looking for.

“Gangnam Syle” additionally accepted amid American artists with rapper T-Pain actuality retweeted 2,400 times back he wrote, “Words cannot alike call how amazing this video is.” Justin Bieber is alike reportedly absorbed in recording his own adaptation of the song.

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