The Burger King Mascot Made A Visit To A Local McDonald’s


Rome, GA — A dude dressed up as the Burger King amulet fabricated a appointment to a bounded McDonald’s to duke out chargeless burgers, ball about the restaurant, and affectation for pictures with his “subjects” beforehand this week.
The administrator alleged badge to address a apprehensive person, but by the time admiral arrived, the Burger King had larboard the arena in his Whoppermobile, contrarily accepted as a  white Acura.

When the McDonald’s administrator “approached the man he said he was accession for children’s charities.
She acclaimed that he had not calm any money during his time central the restaurant,” according to the Rome News-Tribune. The adventure occurred about 1 p.m. on Wednesday.

Before demography off in his Acura, the Burger King took off his mask. The abundance administrator declared him as “a average age white macho with aphotic hair.”

The Burger King appearance became acclaimed in the fast-food franchise’s television commercials over the continued term, but aftermost August the alternation appear that the Burger King (often declared as creepy) was, in effect, actuality dethroned and would be phased out as the brand’s primary mascot. The Burger King association absitively instead to accomplish the affection of the aliment as the focus of its announcement activity forward. Ronald McDonald, however, is not backward anytime soon.
Do you anticipate Ronald McDonald should pay a appointment to a Burger King authorization and duke out chargeless Big Macs to barter or should mascots break on their own turf?

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1 Response to "The Burger King Mascot Made A Visit To A Local McDonald’s"
andaz luise said :
26 September 2012 at 22:05
It is a big achievement for Mascot as well , that after visiting MC Donalds no one can judge him. I would say that yes, it is appreciated to Ronald MCDonald to make appointment to a burger king.

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