Sam Raimi Long Career Of Spooking Audiences With His Horror Films

LOS ANGELES   Blur administrator and ambassador Sam Raimi, for the aboriginal time in a continued career of spooking audiences with his abhorrence films, has angry to real-life contest for abnormal abstruseness "The Possession," aperture in the United States on Friday.

Raimi, whose credits ambit from administering 2002's "Spider-Man" to bearing abhorrence flicks such as "The Grudge" and "The Grudge 2," produces "The Possession." The movie, directed by Ole Bornedal, is aggressive by a bi-weekly annual of a ancestors that fights a demon accepted as a Dibbuk in age-old Yiddish

The spirit, which resides in a Dibbuk box, is said to possesses the bodies of bodies with the ambition of blaze them. In "The Possession," the Dibbuk enters the anatomy of a adolescent woman and her parents charge amount out how to stop it.

Raimi batten with Reuters about his new movie.

Q: Is it accurate that you got the abstraction for this blur from a adventure you apprehend in the Los Angeles Times?

A: "Yes, my accomplice and I apprehend the commodity advantaged 'A jinx in a box?' by Leslie Gornstein about this Dibbuk box that brought abhorrence to anyone in control of it. Then I researched added online and anticipation that this could be a abundant script. There were so abounding belief of altered bodies and their experiences. We absitively to focus on one ancestors that encountered the box. This anew afar brace and how they accept to put abreast any acrimony to affected this evil. That absorbed me."

Q: I apprehend that Ole Bornedal went a few anarchistic routes during filming -- application absolute moths in one cardinal arena and casting reggae artisan Matisyahu. Did you abutment the decisions?

A: "Yes, absolutely. He (Matisyahu) is not aloof an abnormal best for shock value, I anticipate he's absolutely appropriate for the blur and his achievement was awfully accurate and original. Ole capital to amend the acceptable appearance of the wise, old clergyman and Matisyahu goes adjoin all expectations. Yet you accept in his acceptance and he fabricated the abstraction of an archimage new to me."

Q: As your aboriginal abhorrence blur based on absolute events, was there annihilation added awful about authoritative "The Possession"?

A: "It was absolutely chilling to assignment on! This, however, additionally presented a accomplished set of problems unto itself."

Q: Such as?

A: "We had to defended a lot of rights to the aboriginal L.A. Times article, to the assorted bodies involved. Back you're autograph a cine based on absolute events, there are times back there isn't a acceptable affecting anatomy and that's what happened here...So, we concluded up bottomward some of the absolute contest to drive the adventure advanced and that's why it's based on absolute events. Thankfully, we had absurd writers in Juliet Snowden and Stiles White. They absolutely created these aboriginal characters that you affix with."

Q: What makes a acceptable abhorrence blur in your opinion?

A: "The needs of a abhorrence blur are the aforementioned needs as in any affecting film. The admirers has to connect. You accept to accept a solid capital appearance that you can absolutely accept and chronicle to. You accept to apperceive what they want. There has to be a set of believable obstacles that you watch them overcome, and there has to be an absorbing resolution."

Q: You've focused alot on abhorrence films throughout your career. Why?

A: "It's funny. I never admired abhorrence films as a kid! I was a alarmist and they afraid me (he laughs). But, at the time that I was a youngster aggravating to breach into the business there was no indie (independent film) scene. There was no Sundance Channel. The alone way to breach in at that time was to accomplish a abhorrence blur for a brace hundred grand. I absolutely started in abhorrence aloof to breach into the business!"

Q: Do you accept a admired from your anatomy of work?

A: "I don't actually. They're like accouchement to me. I adulation them all equally."

Q: What's new on the Sam Raimi front?

A: "I'm currently alive on a new abnormal adventure with my brother Ivan. We've aloof accomplished the analysis but I can't acquaint you annihilation about it aloof yet."

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