Rush Limbaugh Predictably Ripped The Democratic National Convention On His Syndicated Radio Show


Rush Limbaugh predictably ripped the Democratic National Assemblage on his amalgamated radio appearance on Thursday, calling Wednesday's affectation "one of the worst, flattest, best awkward canicule for a political affair at its assemblage in the history of conventions."

"The media and a lot of Democrats anticipate the election's over because of aftermost night," Limbaugh said. "They anticipate aftermost night's assemblage was a home run, a grand-slam home run. I'm cogent you, the accuracy is that, in agreement of boilerplate Americans watching what's activity on, bygone and aftermost
night was an complete adversity for the Democrats."

Surprisingly, the bourgeois shock amateur almost fabricated acknowledgment of Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown law apprentice whom Limbaugh alleged a "slut" and "prostitute" for her affidavit about contraception beforehand this year.

Instead, Limbaugh lambasted what he alleged the left's "idolatry" of above Admiral Bill Clinton, Wednesday's keynote apostle in Charlotte, N.C.

"I'm cogent you, they see Bill Clinton in a way that the all-inclusive majority of Americans do not," Limbaugh said. "Any affair that would accompany Bill Clinton out and highlight him and Ted Kennedy while at the aforementioned time claiming to acquire adulation and devotion, account for women, is insane."

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Limbaugh, who accepted he didn't watch Clinton's absolute accent ("I got bored"), approved to calm conservatives who were "panicked" that the above admiral ability accord Admiral Barack Obama a animation in the polls:

    I don't apperceive how abounding of you are afraid because you anticipate Clinton did able-bodied aftermost night, but you acquire to accumulate in mind, the Democratic Affair and the media all ambition they were sleeping with Clinton. There is a slave-ish, irrational, love-like adapter to this guy that is irrational, and it's not abiding in reality.

    I don't anticipate he helped Obama at all aftermost night. You know, Obama's cat-and-mouse backstage to appear out and acquire accolades and angle in the abundant ablaze of Bill Clinton, and what did Clinton do? Make him delay 'til 11:30, back the football bold is at its best exciting.

"I anticipate Clinton's out there for Clinton," Limbaugh continued. "[What] he capital to do was acquaint the admirers that his [first] four years smoked Obama's. He couldn't aloof appear out and say that."

The abrupt host again abominably mocked Chris Matthews' "verbal acme over Bill Clinton's speech."

"Chris Matthews apparently had to abrasion an able-bodied adherent to adumbrate the bulge," Limbaugh said. "No admiration [Tom] Brokaw had to go to the hospital this morning."

Limbaugh alike mocked what Brokaw said led to the addled spell that affected his abrupt hospitalization: "The Kennedy active excuse—He took bisected an Ambien."

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But Fluke was rarely mentioned during Limbaugh's three-hour show.

After arena a blow of political analyst Cokie Roberts asserting that Fluke's assemblage accent was well-received in the hall, Limbaugh said, "Let me acquaint you what absolutely happened. A lot of them were saying, 'What was this accomplishing in prime time?'"

Instead, the law apprentice skewering from the appropriate was larboard to Ann Coulter, who on Wednesday tweeted: "Bill Clinton aloof abounding Sandra Fluke backstage."

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