Last Weekend’s Depressing Box Office Frame

After aftermost weekend’s black box appointment frame, things are attractive absolutely pond this time around, acknowledgment to the 3-D re-release of Finding Nemo, which will acceptable top the chart.

Also aperture this weekend is the fifth(!) Resident Evil film, which is headed for solid results, and faith-based appellation Aftermost Ounce of Courage, which is actuality broadcast by the aforementioned flat that pushed 2016: Obama’s America to banking success.

Here’s how the weekend box appointment ability agitate out:

Following the success of aftermost September’s 3-D re-release of The Lion King, which becoming an absorbing $94.2 million, Disney appear affairs to accord some of its added admired animations a agnate treatment. In February, a re-released Beauty and the Beast garnered a added alive $47.6 million. Finding Nemo, a massively accepted blur with added address to adolescent boys, will acceptable outearn Beauty, but it’s absurd to accomplishment as aerial as The Lion King — abnormally back the 3-D re-release bazaar has bound been chaotic by film’s like Titanic and Star Wars: Episode I — The Phantom Menace.

Disney spent beneath than $5 amateur converting the underwater chance into 3-D and is absolution the blur into 2,904 theaters. With no ancestors antagonism (ParaNorman is already bristles weeks old), and theaters chaotic with ailing advised advanced releases, Nemo may bathe abroad with about $25 amateur during the Friday to Sunday period.

Resident Evil: Retribution should accomplishment abutting behind. Sony’s $65 amateur activity sequel, which is actuality broadcast by their Screen Gems division, appearance added of the aforementioned crank slayings that are customary, address of Milla Jovovich, in this video game-adapted franchise.

Encouragingly, anniversary Resident Evil blur has becoming added than its predecessor. The aboriginal Resident Evil begin $40.1 amateur in the US and $102.4 amateur globally in 2002. Resident Evil: Apocalypse grossed $51.2 amateur ($129.4 amateur worldwide) in 2004. Resident Evil: Extinction becoming $50.6 amateur ($147.7 amateur worldwide) in 2007. And Resident Evil: Afterlife begin $60.1 amateur ($296.2 amateur worldwide) in 2010. As those numbers reveal, the Resident Evil franchise’s address has gotten abundant stronger across than in the U.S. over the aftermost decade, which justifies approved account increases. Retribution‘s $65 amateur account is a authorization high.

This time around, Retribution ability not body aloft Afterlife‘s gross. Although blur opened with $26.7 million, it was additional by 3-D admission prices and absolutely awash the atomic tickets on aperture weekend of any blur in the franchise. Now that the 3-D fad is waning, Retribution may accomplishment with a lower aperture weekend gross. But it’s capital money will appear from all-embracing territories, which more adulation aureate Hollywood filmmaking. Out in 3,012 theaters, accord it $22 amateur for the weekend.

Fun fact: Both Paul W.S. Anderson, the administrator of the Resident Evil films, and Paul Thomas Anderson, the helmer abaft The Master, accept movies aperture today. I’d adulation to apprehend them analysis anniversary other’s work.

There’s one added advanced absolution you may not accept heard of — The Aftermost Ounce of Courage, which the film’s official armpit describes as “the adventure of a afflicted ancestor aggressive by his grandson to booty a angle for acceptance and abandon adjoin a course of aloofness and vanishing liberty.” Conservative amateur Chuck Norris has been announcement the film.

Courage arrives in 1,407 theaters address of absolute benefactor Rocky Mountain Pictures, which has already pushed 2016: Obama’s America to $27.7 million. Perhaps the aggregation feels emboldened by that film’s success, but I’m cerebration that after abundant publicity, Aftermost Ounce of Courage may attempt with about $3 million.

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