Kristen Stewart Has Decided To Walk The Freeway

“I active a archetype of East of Eden aftermost night,” says Kristen Stewart. “I was like, what the …”

You’d accept to see her to apperceive she doesn’t accept this herself. There’s the acrid accent on Eden. There’s her self-deprecating smile gone awry. There is, in every Stewart interview, a assertive apparent atheism at the bodies who’ve fabricated her famous.

In 10 account she tells you annihilation about herself, but in the articulation of 10 words she says everything.

This TIFF marks Stewart’s aboriginal accessible actualization aback her aboriginal accessible aspersion – and
alike added accessible apology. As you can’t advice knowing, she was photographed kissing her Snow White and the Huntsman administrator Rupert Sanders (a affiliated man) two months ago. Her boyfriend, Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson, was not in the picture. Within hours of Us Weekly’s publishing this bluntly arid evidence, the bairn who’d never said she was in adulation had to apologize in advanced of everybody. It was a apologetic sight, for sure.

But on the red carpeting for On The Road, a appropriate presentation at TIFF, her admirers had either forgiven or were acute abundant not to care. She isn’t lying about Steinbeck, who is, by the way, her “favourite favourite author.” From the added ancillary of the handrail, I watched her graffiti a fan’s aboriginal paperback. Her appropriate stiletto trembled added than her left.

Today, tucked into the Intercontinental Hotel for a annular of tape-recorded torture, Stewart is cutting flats. She sits cross-legged and impatient, like a kid on a too-short chair.

After a few account I point into her lap and she thinks I’m complimenting the flats, which are actual faux-punk pirate. No, I’m pointing to the splint on her average finger. She laughs, afresh mimics herself: “Aren’t my shoes great?”

Stewart is so clandestine that aback I ask what happened, she says alone that she bankrupt her feel (duh). And in being she is arctic but so fierce-looking and wounded, like one of those devious bodies who abhor your kindness, that I don’t ask again.

We allocution added about books. Stewart loves not aloof macho writers, but dude writers: Charles Bukowski, Henry Miller, and Jack Kerouac, who led her to the others. It’s his aboriginal annal of On The Road, acute and basic and raw, that Walter Salles ( The Motorcycle Diaries) transmogrifies into this wish-fulfilling constitutional of a film.

“I anticipate if you were to watch a accurate delineation of the atypical in every sense, if you could adumbrate every line, it would be so not the acquaintance of account the book,” says Stewart, who apprehend and fell in adulation with it aback she was 14. “[Salles] didn’t change things aloof to accept a beginning, a middle, and an end to amuse people. I do absolutely feel the aforementioned affair aback you apprehend the book: there are so abounding things presented to you, so abounding streets you could adjudge to airing down.”

Stewart has absitively to airing the freeway. Afore Twilight came out, she active to On The Alley as an indie darlin’. After Twilight , jokes her co-star Garrett Hedlund, she’s the acumen On The Alley got green-lit. (Hedlund and Stewart are accomplishing all their interviews together, which one imagines is added for Stewart’s account than his.)

A anniversary afore Salles began shooting, Stewart went on a alley cruise with two of her friends. Did she drive? “No,” she says in the eye-rollingest tone. “I was driven. On my alley trip.”

They fabricated it to Ohio. Ohio? That sounds like the saddest adventure. “It’s not sad! It was so cool.” She about smiles. “It’s about the reach, babe.”

I apperceive it is accessible to abatement in adulation with account subjects, abnormally aback they’re additionally intergalactic cine stars with morning-after beard and absinthe-green eyes. I apperceive they do it to you on purpose. I’m in love.

Which is why I blench allurement her whether it was a relief, accustomed the analysis she’s under, to comedy Marylou. Marylou, who does whatever she wants and never feels bad about it. Marylou, who is free.

A attending crosses Kristen Stewart’s face that makes me demand to abdicate my job and jump out the 10th-floor window, so don’t you anytime acquaint me she can’t act.

“It’s funny,” she says, finally. “Getting to apperceive the bodies abaft the characters fabricated it a lot easier to comedy her. I don’t demand to say like a prop, but she’s … it’s aloof that she is like backdrop a little bit. You can affix the dots and admiration what affectionate of being it would booty to do that, but alive her, she had a accommodation for – honestly, I beggarly she’s absolutely a changeable adaptation of Neal. I mean, she, she grew up with him, she was affectionate of aloft by him, um …”

Not until I comedy aback the band do I assumption that Hedlund interrupts now to assure her. In appearing to acknowledgment the catechism about her appearance and not about herself, Stewart talked added about herself and her admirer than she should have.

“I was cerebration about that question,” Hedlund says. “And it’s like, we got to alive a assured activity for a block of time afore we had to go aback to a activity in which we had article to lose.”

Kristen Stewart doesn’t attending up. She aloof says, yeah.

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