Eddie Murphy Not Dead 51-Year-Old Actor Comedian Latest Victim Of A Death Hoax

Eddie Murphy is not dead. The able 51-year-old amateur and amateur is the latest victim of a afterlife hoax that is across-the-board the internet. Letters that Murphy died in a snowboard blow are false.

According to an Aug. 31, 2012 address by the Christian Post, the website that started the rumor claimed the amateur had absent ascendancy of his snowboard in Switzerland and addled a tree. The busy hoax alike was as far as claiming that he was airlifted to an breadth hospital area he was arresting asleep on arrival. The website that acquaint the apocryphal adventure after placed a abnegation on the folio advertence that the
adventure was for ball purposes:

    "This adventure is 100% fake! This is an ball website, and this is a absolutely affected commodity based on aught accuracy and is a complete assignment of fiction for ball purposes."

Eddie Murphy's fans, accompany and ancestors no agnosticism disagree that the brutal hoax was entertaining.

Eddie Murphy has been in the account afresh for addition acumen different to erroneous letters of his abortive demise. He has been arcade a new television alternation to assorted networks. The ball will be based on his hit 1984 cine "Beverly Hills Cop." Murphy affairs to arise in the pilot adventure about Axel Foley's son. He will additionally reprise his role as Foley in bedfellow appearances throughout the episode.

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