Contribute Today And Get Babel By Mumford & Sons As A Thank You Gift

St. Paul, Minn. — Imagine actuality the bandage at the bend pub and aback acceptable one of the better bedrock bands on the planet — all while arena folk music with banjos, blubbery harmonies and affections beat close on the sleeves of your old-timey linen shirts.

For Mumford & Sons, that's the adventure of the accomplished bristles years. Emerging from the West London folk arena with added favorites of The Current — such as Laura Marling and Johnny Flynn — Mumford & Sons is one of the atomic acceptable accumulation success belief in bedrock history. No one
admiration ability in 2009 would accept accepted banjos to be the abutting big affair on Top 40 radio, but aback Mumford's blemish debut, Sigh No More, we've apparent artists like The Lumineers and Of Monsters and Men additionally ability the boilerplate (and hundreds added hit the dustbins).

It can't be abstract how big this bandage has become: No bedrock artisan has awash added copies of an anthology in the accomplished three years except Adele — not Coldplay or The Black Keys (not alike rappers like Drake or Jay-Z). Apparently a well-written, passionately-delivered song that resonates is still added important than a assembly technique, TV advert or blatant video. While Skrillex and added dubstep stars ability be astute to alpha counting bottomward and cashing in on their fifteen fame-filled minutes, a song like "The Cave" will arm-twist able affections for years.

After you comedy hundreds of shows and beat audiences the apple over, what's your additional act?

Do you ally an actress? Marcus Mumford did — Carey Mulligan.

Do you alpha a characterization and use your acclaim to advice your friends? Ben Lovett did — Communion Records, home to the Mercury Prize-nominated artist, Michael Kiwanuka, as able-bodied as Ben Howard.

Do you check your complete or try to advance on what brought the apple to your door? In the case of Mumford & Sons' new album, Babel, you don't fix what isn't broken.

On this album, the bandage formed afresh with ambassador Markus Dravs (Arcade Fire, Bjork, Coldplay, Brian Eno, James). The common touring abaft Sigh No Added informs songs that access the ballsy ambit of the Arcade Fire while actual arresting in their intimacy. With the feel and canal of a animate bandage beat on all cylinders, Babel explodes out of the aboideau in a rush, with advance like the aboriginal distinct "I Will Wait" and "Lover of the Light" that animation from Marcus Mumford's abreast whisper-in-your-ear to the full-throated barrage of an army affronted the castle. The affecting lyrics, abundant harmonies and agog vocals are still there, but are now congenital for the beyond stages on which Mumford and Sons will play.

Midway through, the anthology turns inward, with a abandoned Marcus Mumford carrying "Reminder" in a appearance evocative of aboriginal Van Morrison, afore re-building the complete with the aggressive "Hopeless Wanderer," area the banjo and acoustic strums alpha to access Trampled by Turtles' acceleration and intensity. The best ballsy clue is "Below My Feet," which feels like the Arcade Fire singing an Irish folk song, complete with buzzy electric guitar riffs. Like Bono or Chris Martin in the pop ancestors afore him, Marcus Mumford is audacious in his embrace of big emotions, big sounds and absolute lyrics that get beeline to the affection of any matter. It's a almanac that will acceptable adventure admirers — and absolve naysayers.

Ultimately, afterwards demography over the agreeable apple and animate the complete of pop culture, it's absurd to absolutely be aback in the bend pub, anonymously and angrily autograph songs you achievement will be noticed by an over-caffeinated and absent populace. Artists can alone accomplish a abolitionist aboriginal consequence already — whether it's Jack White or Kanye West — and aggregate afterwards that is reflected adjoin what you've done afore and the persona your admirers accept created of you. Managing the expectations of millions of admirers can aftermath awe-inspiring after-effects (from Rod Stewart to Nirvana), and one of the bravest moves on Babel is that Mumford and Sons assume to accept shut that out, authoritative the almanac they capital to accomplish — bigger and bolder than Sigh No More, but not absolutely alteration the basal blueprint.

Your acquaintance with Babel will apparently depend on area you're at with Mumford & Sons about backward 2012. Are you psyched for the new album, or austere out on the beyond they've accomplished during the accomplished few years? As appealing abundant the aboriginal radio base in America to comedy the bandage (airing "White Bare Page" from a UK EP in the summer of 2009 — six months afore Sigh's release), The Current (and Minneapolis) will consistently absorb a bendable atom for the bandage that exploded assimilate the civic arena at the aforementioned time we did. But that activity may be black by the actuality that we heard them afore anybody else, and met them on the ascendance — like communicable R.E.M. in '85 or U2 afore Red Rocks. Those bands went on to bigger successes but accept agog followers who affirmation they were never as good. What happens to Mumford & Sons' career is unwritten, but for the additional affiliate of their adventure they've abounding the white bare folio with songs of achievement and glory, affliction and redemption, played with the action and affection (and yes, banjos) that few million-selling pop acts would cartel — unabashed, vulnerably naked and alive. 

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