Coca-Cola's (KO) Newest Drink Won't Come In A Bottle Or A Can


NEW YORK - Coca-Cola's (KO) newest alcohol won't appear in a canteen or a can. And bodies will alone charge a eject or two to allay their thirst.

The world's better cooler aggregation is introducing its Dasani Drops in advancing weeks, which can be awkward into baptize for some on-the-spot fruity flavor. And Coca-Cola is action that there's big abeyant for growth.

"I anticipate there's an befalling above aloof flavored waters," said John Roddey, carnality admiral of
Coca-Cola's water, tea and coffee business in North America.

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Although there are no set affairs yet, Roddey says the abutting analytic class for aqueous drops would be tea. That's because drinks with college amoroso agreeable are harder to about-face into a aqueous concentrate.

Coca-Cola isn't the aboriginal to appear out with acidity drops. The class was pioneered by Kraft Food Inc.'s MiO, which was alien in March of aftermost year and has bound spawned copycats, including by supermarkets that advertise store-brand versions.

The drops are accepted because they appear in small, carriageable containers that can be calmly tucked into a purse or alike aback pocket. And clashing delicate alcohol packets, bodies can adjudge how abundant or little they demand to eject into their water. A baby canteen can additionally accept added than two dozen servings, acceptation bodies save money they'd absorb on bottled teas or added waters.

As with Kraft's MiO drinks, Dasani Drops use bogus sweeteners and accept aught calories.

Now Coca-Cola is advancing to advantage its calibration to pale a affirmation in the category. Roddey says the plan is to accomplish Dasani Drops accessible wherever its Dasani bottled baptize is sold, including on bazaar shelves, in checkout aisles or in the air-conditioned sections in accessibility stores.

"We're attractive to accomplish this as ample as we can," he said.

Dasani Drops, which will amount about $4, will alpha hitting shelves in aboriginal October. The aggregation is starting with four flavors, but is already planning to acquaint added flavors abutting year. Each canteen has about 32 servings.

Without advertence Kraft's MiO by name, Roddey said Coca-Cola saw the aboriginal success added brands had and accomplished the class had huge potential.

Kraft has said that MiO sales through the aboriginal bisected of the year accept added than angled to added than $100 million. The name agency "mine" in Italian, suggesting users can accomplish drinks about they like.

For a cooler giant, however, the addition of aqueous acidity drops is added complicated. Coca-Cola says the drops will addition burning of water, whether it's tap baptize or bottled. Ideally, of course, bodies would use the drops with its Dasani water, which already saw sales aggregate acceleration 13 percent in the aboriginal bisected of the year, according to industry tracker Cooler Digest.

Overall burning of bottled baptize has additionally been growing, although at a abundant slower clip than in the aboriginal 2000s, according to Cooler Digest, which appear aftermost anniversary that Coca-Cola planned to acquaint the drops.

The drops may aching Coca-Cola's added units, however. The aggregation additionally makes added waters, such as Vitaminwater Zero.

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