Bradley Cooper, Zoe Saldana At The Hollywood Premiere Of 'The Words'

Zoe Saldana didn’t demand to do The Words. Aback aboriginal approached about the role in 2011, she didn’t alike demand to act.
After the film's Hollywood premiere Tuesday, Saldana recalled activity annoyed and austere out -- she had starred in bisected a dozen movies aback her career took off with the 2009 all-around accident Avatar.

“After Colombiana (in which she plays an assassin)I was a bit spent and absolutely capital to booty a breath,” she recalls.

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If she was activity to act, Saldana capital to do added big activity roles. She absolutely didn’t demand to comedy someone’s wife in a low account absolute film.  “I capital to shoot guns,” she says. “I capital to comedy able roles.”

Then she apprehend the calligraphy for The Words, a cine that had taken 13 years to ability the screen, and she fell in adulation with the words she read. “It was the affectionate of adventure that I would accept admired to apprehend as a book,” says Saldana. “I wasn’t attractive for a role like Dora, but again I saw what she absolutely was about. She was a actual able woman. She was actual unconditional. She was actual supportive.”

At the affection of the cine is Saldana’s burnable allure with Cooper.  She says that fabricated both of them bigger actors:  “I’ve consistently said that aback you watch movies and a adulation adventure avalanche abbreviate of what you capital it to be, as an actor, as a actuality who works in films, you apperceive that ninety percent of the time it didn’t assignment is because there was no chemistry, they didn’t assignment out a friendship, they didn’t feel safe about anniversary other, they weren’t communicating properly."

PHOTOS: Bradley Cooper, Zoe Saldana At The Hollywood Premiere Of 'The Words'

That wasn't the case on this set, Saldana said.

"Bradley is a actual committed and accessible professional. It’s absolutely acceptable aback you can antithesis that with an amateur as against to an amateur that aloof comes able and aloof goes, ‘don’t fuck up my light’ and ‘this band is my close-up.’ We didn’t affliction area was the camera was," she said. "It was aloof like we were both allotment of this all-encompassing conversation.”

Rumors flew during and afterwards the assembly that the broil on the awning had translated into a absolute activity affair amid Saldana and Cooper. Aback asked about those rumors, Saldana smiles and afterwards a glance at her publicist, coyly replied, “No comment.”

Brian Klugman, who wrote and directed The Words with his adolescence acquaintance Lee Sternthal, feels Saldana came aboard initially because of the casting they had already accumulated by the time she was beatific the script. “People were absorbed by it at that point,” says Klugman. “They were like, ‘That’s a absolute cast.’ Obviously the draw of those two guys (Cooper and Jeremy Irons) brought in the added actors. Dennis (Quaid) came in, Olivia Wilde and again Zoe Saldana.”

So she met with the two aboriginal time director/writers, Klugman and Sternthal, both of whom had been accompany of Cooper aback they were all accouchement growing up in Philadelphia. She admired that they acquainted like a affectionate of connected family.

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“When I sat bottomward with Brian and Lee I was actual absorbed by them,” says Saldana., “how these two adolescent men could get forth so able-bodied and accept amazing allure and a admirable affiliation professionally and as accompany address article with such a acute touch, and as men accept it be balanced. I acquainted that array of that accessory that bliss in aback it comes to animal affect in agreement of how one feels about one’s cocky -   aback you don’t feel acceptable enough;  aback you demand your articulation in that world; and how you feel aback you are in adulation and you demand to accord everything.”

She additionally acquainted that it would be an acquaintance that would accolade her in agency that mattered best to her, she recalls: “I aloof anticipation this ability be this ability be article area I ability apprentice from these characters - a lot.  I like that. I adulation growing and I adulation arena characters that are array of conflicting from me, because I end up acquirements a lot about them and about myself. “

So The Words became the alone cine that Saldana fabricated in 2011, and the acquaintance was aggregate she hoped it would be.

“I like animate in a ancestors ambiance area I apperceive that accustomed you go to set and you’re not breaking the ice,” says Saldana. “You can be yourself. And your  opinions and your account and whatever ascribe you may accept is awful regarded, advised and additionally implemented. It was a actual alternate experience.”

“As an amateur - as the actual ascendant animal that I am - I ache for that,” continues Saldana, “and sometimes I will airing abroad from article aback I feel that It ability not be a acceptable three months for me, because three months out of your life,  agency something. The earlier you get, the added you feel it’s your time . I become actual overprotective with my time.”

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Most of all Saldana reveled in actuality artistic and collaborative, and fabricated to feel a allotment of this ancestors of actors, filmmakers and crew.

“I’m actual adamant and I aloof was cogent and everybody was too, but it was collaborative because it was all for the account of the story,” adds Saldana. “We didn’t become to be a allotment of this activity for the money, we all apperceive that (the absolute cine was attempt for $6 million). Aback you do a blur like this it’s absolute heart, so we all capital to be there. It’s a absolute aberration aback you accept to verses aback you demand to. “

It was a huge claiming to accomplish a cine that deals with three altered time periods and assorted locations on a actual bound budget, all in one burghal – Montreal.  “We were aboriginal time filmmakers, so it was like, ‘Why not?’” says Sternthal. “People would say, ‘You can’t do that.’ But again it was array of like a bold for us to see how far we could advance it. Let’s see if we can do it?”

Once she was on the set, it all came calm for Saldana: “You go to work, you’re animate and you’re actual present and you leave assignment and you’re still cerebration about the adventure and cerebration about the characters. You’re not cerebration about ‘how big is my trailer? Is the ablaze focused on me?’ You’re cerebration about, ‘Well maybe Dora (her character)  and Rory (Cooper’s character)  accept to end up together,”’ or ‘No, this will breach them up.” Because they accept a accurate adulation and the lie (at the centermost of the movie) came amid them. It’s like one of them bit the apple.”

The added she got involved, the added she capital to be involved. She anticipation about her role, about the movie, about the characters day and night.

“I would email Brian in the average of the night," recalls Saldana, “and again the abutting morning alike afore I entered beard and architecture I would acquaint  him, ‘I accept a catechism for you. So what about this? Is it too much? Am I actuality too annoying?’ And he was like, ‘Are you badinage me? Come on!’ It was actual good. “

Even aback the banal ended, like any ancestors they remained together; and the chat about how to accomplish the cine alike bigger continued.

“Brian and Lee fabricated it a appointment every black that afterwards we would blanket we would consistently go and accept dinner,” says Saldana. “All of us together: producers, the directors, the actors. It was still (about the movie) at dinner. That was the affair of the conversation. It was consistently the massaging, the story, cerebration about your characters and how do we get this further. ‘Here’s what I think, but what about this?’”

“By the time you get to set, its such a active animal that all you accept to do is aloof be in it and acquiesce it to aloof be,” adds Saldana. “I adulation that. I’m not a professional, I didn’t go to academy to apprentice all these techniques. I aloof apperceive it from myself that I’m a actual accessible person. I try to abide that way every time, every morning aback I deathwatch up. I get a bean befuddled at me, I demand to bolt it appropriately and bandy it back. Aback you get to assignment with bodies that are that way, you feel in absolutely acceptable easily and it aloof makes you  assignment absolutely hard. The adventure translates aloof how you absurd it and aloof how you were told it was activity to be. “

Tatiana Kelly, who produced The Words with Jim Young, says that with the burden of a low account and abbreviate assembly schedule,  it was that allure that became the cement that brought the account together. “What’s so crazy is absolutely Bradley and Zoe knew anniversary added before,” says Kelly. “Everybody was affectionate of befuddled into this because it’s a 25-day shoot….It is such an acute pressurized situation. We were so beholden that everybody beyond the lath was able to accept that affectionate of chemistry. I anticipate it’s so believable.”

Saldana says she is generally the better analyzer of the movies she appears in, and it is attenuate that she doesn’t acquisition fault. However, The Words is a cine she is blessed to accept made.

“I’m actual appreciative of it.” Says Saldana. “Usually I’m not this way. I’m not absolutely blessed all the time, because everybody has their own adaptation of what they read. This time it wasn’t absolutely what I anticipation it was, but it was great. It was beautiful.”

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