Boyfriend From 12 Years Ago Was Sleeping In Heating Unit


ROCK HILL — Tracy, a distinct mother of bristles accouchement in Rock Hill, never advised reuniting with the 44-year-old man she bankrupt up with added than 12 years ago, admitting claims of a new affairs and added “jailhouse talk” he bound in belletrist to her from prison.

Drugs, followed by his accommodation to rob a annual shop, tore their one-year affair apart, she said.

“That was it,” said Tracy, who asked that her aftermost name not be used. “I never looked back.”

But it wasn’t “it” for her ex-boyfriend, whom she apparent active in her attic Sunday morning, a year afterwards he helped install new doors on her home afterwards best of it austere in a fire.

Tracy, a nurse, spent Saturday with her children, ages alignment from 3 to 20, and “didn’t see annihilation out of the ordinary” back they alternate home. Afterwards nightfall, Tracy sat in her bedchamber application her laptop but couldn’t agitate the activity that “something aloof ain’t right.”

She heard aberrant noises and noticed insulation falling from the ceiling. Her earlier sons went to investigate but couldn’t acquisition anything.

Around 2:30 a.m., the noises persisted and Tracy, clumsy to sleep, saw nails in the beam abatement to the floor.

She anticipation “there was some apparition actuality activity on,” she said.

Tracy alleged her nephew, who bound came to the home and went into the attic. Her nephew absolved to the far end of the attic, casual over a boscage of heating and cooling ducts, boxes, photo albums, toys, cassettes and a “timeline” of memories to acquisition a man sleeping central a heating unit.

Tracy’s nephew additionally noticed that the man was able to blink at Tracy through an air aperture in her ceiling.

“It’s got me flabbergasted,” she said. “How can you attending at addition through an air vent?”

Tracy said she anticipation her ex went to Charleston afterwards his latest arrest and was aloof commuting to Rock Hill.

Instead, he had been cheating into her abode and active in her attic, a Rock Hill Badge address states. He acclimated coats for awning and slept central the heating unit.

After actuality apparent Sunday, the man climbed out of the attic after giving any account for why or how he got central in the aboriginal place. He absolved abroad with a smile. By the time badge arrived, he was gone and charcoal at large.

For Tracy, who hustles anniversary day to get her sons to football practices and says she is abroad from home for about 12 hours a day, it’s alarming to anticipate her ex, who she says hangs about at adjacent biologic houses, is still adrift the neighborhood.

Her kids won’t beddy-bye in their rooms, opting instead to affected out in the active room. Her family’s anxious how he was able to ascend into the attic.

“I demand him to be answerable with it,” she said. “It could be somebody abroad he does the aforementioned affair to, but she ability not be so lucky.”

Police call the doubtable as actuality a atramentous male, 5 anxiety 6 inches alpine and belief 170 pounds.

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