Big Apple Pizza’s Yelp Page Has Emerged Unlikely Political Battleground


Big Apple Pizza’s Yelp folio has emerged as an absurd political battlefield in the bad-tempered lead-up to what is, by all accounts, a actively bound election.
If you absent it, we appear beforehand on Big Apple Pizza’s Yelp folio and how, afterwards Admiral Barack Obama alone in accidentally and alike added accidentally accustomed a boisterous buck hug from buyer and registered Republican Scott Van Duzer, haters and admirers of the admiral from beyond the nation alone in on Big Apple Pizza’s Yelp folio to articulation their political opinions.

Prior to Admiral Obama’s bead in, Big Apple Pizza had but two reviews on the site, the aftermost from about two years back. Now Big Apple Pizza’s Yelp has a beauteous 2,069 reviews, and most, of course, are from bodies who accept never set bottom in a 100 mile ambit of Big Apple Pizza.

So feverish and abuse is the political altitude in America appropriate now that the Big Apple Pizza Yelp folio has become a blaze war for the ages, with mostly anti-Obama commenters from places like New York and California abacus comments about the Florida pizzeria:

    “Horrible food. Nothing added to say.” [California]

    “Terrible pizza and service.” [California]

    Went there during my summer vacation. It was nasty. Not afraid the buyer is an Obama hack!! [Upstate New York]

And, you cannot accomplish this up, from Orlando, Florida:

    “I will never go to this abode again.  Afterwards seeing this so alleged Republican hug Obama, I’ve absent my appetence … I would never let Barack Hussein Obama access my business.  Of advance back Chairman Obama thinks I did not body it, he would apparently force his way in.  This “American” admiral has done added accident to this country than the hijackers on 9/11.  Stay out of our baby businesses, Mr. President.  In fact, accumulate your easily off our bloom care, guns, religion, and ethics … The calzones are fantastic.”

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