The Survivors Of A Plane Crash In Central Idaho Can Prove Just How Close They Came To Death

BOISE, Idaho (AP) — The survivors of a alike blast in axial Idaho can prove aloof how abutting they came to death, with a seven-minute video documenting their agonizing experience, including the blood-soaked aftermath.

One passenger, Nathan Williams, told The Associated Press on Thursday that he and his accompany are "just four guys who are advantageous to be alive."

Williams was filming June 30 aback the baby alike took off from a clay aerodrome headed against the
abundance resort boondocks of McCall. His video shows the alike aerial for several account afore accident distance and slamming into the copse below, with the pilot adversity austere injuries.

The video has fatigued civic absorption afterwards actuality acquaint online ( this week.

"It wasn't annihilation we were aggravating to film," said Williams, 38, of Boise. "It was a admirable day and we were aloof absolutely accepting fun recording what we were doing."

Williams suffered a blow in the alike blast and said the pilot, Les Gropp, 70, had a burst jaw, burst ribs and a burst cheekbone. The two added passengers, Alec Arhets and Gropp's son, Tol, able with cuts and bruises, Williams said.

"We all went aback to assignment on Monday," said Williams, a dentist. "Les was absolutely the alone one who had some abiding damage, but alike he's activity to be fine."

The Valley County Sheriff's Department said at the time that the blast occurred backward in the afternoon in the Bear Valley breadth and two bodies were transported to a hospital.

As of backward Thursday, the video of the alike blast had added than 336,000 angle and been played added than 1.2 actor times on the website LiveLeak, area it was aggregate a day ago. The video additionally advance on YouTube and in one instance, was removed from a user's folio because it abandoned the company's action "on abominable and abominable content."

The accumulation flew into the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness so they could go hiking, Williams said. Afterwards the hike, they were headed to McCall for banquet and while demography off, Williams is apparent animated as he pans his camera to the aback of the alike to his adolescent passengers.

After about 2 account and 40 abnormal of footage, the video shows the alike alpha to lower and again crash. The camera is again blocked by the accident and shows a mostly atramentous awning as one of the men is heard complaining and addition asks: "Everybody OK?"

Several account later, one of the men is apparent retrieving the camera, which films the pilot lying on the arena with his arch comatose on a log and his face and arm covered in blood. His eye appears begrimed and the accident of the red alike is in the background.

At that point, the accumulation had already abounding to Gropp and were cat-and-mouse for help, said Williams, who is apparent aptitude bottomward to allocution to the pilot.

"Where are you hurt?" Williams asks. "The appropriate ancillary of your face? OK."

The men doubtable the alike had a difficult time accepting distance because of abating temperatures and that afterwards the Stinson 108-3 took off, it hit an air abridged that fabricated it rapidly apart altitude, blame it bottomward into the trees. Williams acquaint the video to appearance accompany and ancestors what happened and he was afraid to see the video arm-twist so abundant response.

But he additionally understands why bodies are intrigued.

"You see how fast article happens, article that's life-threatening," he said. "That's affectionate of people's affliction fears and it affectionate of came accurate for us, in a way."

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