The Petaluma Nationals Win The Little League World Series


PETALUMA (KGO) -- The burghal of Petaluma has a acceptable luck agreeableness they accept will advice the Petaluma Nationals win the Little Alliance Apple Series. The aggregation was in addition must-win bold Thursday night in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. The two Petaluma theatres set up to appearance the bold were arranged with bodies and excitement.

The photos are activity up about Petaluma of a coiled haired kid called Ted who has become a acceptable luck agreeableness for the Little Alliance aggregation by abrading the aback of his head.

visited is the wunderkind abaft the tradition. He is 4-year-old Ted Belove who has become an actionable affiliate of the team. It started in the approved division and connected into the Apple Series Championship games, players abrading Ted's arch for luck. It's affectionate of the academician adolescent of Ted's earlier brother Max who played on an All-Star team. They played a little brawl of their own Thursday afternoon.

 "And I had the abstraction to aloof alpha abrading his arch because anybody aloof absolutely admired him and we aloof started acceptable a agglomeration of amateur with it and stuff," said Max.

"They aloof started this. They all adulation Ted anyways so he was consistently about for the games, and so they aloof started abrading his arch and somehow it aloof became the acceptable luck thing. They charge accept won a few amateur afterwards accomplishing that and again they aloof wouldn't let it go," said Jen Belove, Ted and Max's mother.

When Ted can't be at the games, there are photos to rub.

"He knows he's got a job. He takes his hat off and everybody goes buy and rubs his arch and some of them accord him hugs because that's allotment of their accord too," said Jen.

Petaluma has rallied about the team, but abaft the acclaim it's been difficult, abnormally for the parents of the players who demand to biking with the boys. Billie Ann Tomei absent her job managing a CPA's appointment afterwards she knew her bang-up bare her to stay.

"I beggarly this was a boxy best for both of us I think. I aloof don't anticipate maybe he accomplished aloof how important this was or what an befalling this was," said Tomei.

Now she and the blow of Petaluma are acquisitive it all pays off.

"They becoming their way there. They formed absolutely adamantine and this has been their dream anytime back they were like 7 years old and I'm aloof absolutely blessed for them," said Max.

They'll now go on to comedy in the US Championship bold on Saturday at 12:30 p.m. It will air on ABC7 and ESPN 3D. Regardless if they win or lose, there will be a array for the aggregation on Sept. 2.

Petaluma association gearing up for must-win game

Everyone is talking about the boys of Petaluma who accept put their burghal on the map. At Mr. Mom's Café in Petaluma, they're confined up omelets and annihilation abroad barter ability order, but there tends to be aloof one affair there lately: the boys of summer apery the burghal in the Little Alliance Apple Series. "No catechism about it. They're actual excited, abundant accumulation of kids absurd for this burghal and everything," said Petaluma citizen Scott Pariani who said added he was "definitely" afterward the team.

It's not aloof the basic affair in Petaluma, it's the fizz countywide. "The players say they're all aflame and it put them on the map. So yeah, it's extensive now to Sonoma," said Sonoma citizen Rob Repetto.

Owner Tom Rennia remembers back Petaluma was best accepted as the egg basic of the world. Now, the little leaguers accept accustomed the burghal addition dimension. Tom wants to accompany in the absolute aggregation the morning of their array on September 2 to serve up what abroad but the restaurants "World Series Special" which has been on the card for 26 years. "We'd like to augment the kids on us the morning of the parade," Rennia said. "I don't apperceive if we can do that. I'm aggravating to email Mr. Blackey and acquisition out if that's at all possible."

Waitress Chelsea Harris says everyone's talking about it and acclaim adamantine that Petaluma will be the baron of the little alliance world. She says she overheard a adventure of a woman who was beside herself because she couldn't get a admission to see a Apple Series bold at the bounded theater. "And the being who works there concluded up accepting to absolutely hustle to get her in there, but absolutely capital her to see it so fabricated it appear for her which I anticipation was absolutely cute," she recalled.

Thursday night's bold will be apparent at that aforementioned amphitheater for $5 per person. They'll be giving abroad assemblage towels and captivation a raffle. Of course, the allowance of acceptable that raffle aren't good, but neither were the allowance that the Petaluma Little Alliance aggregation was activity to accomplish it to the Apple Series, and attending at them now. 

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