The Next-Gen iPhone And Motherboard Logic Board

Details about accession new iPhone basic accept reportedly been leaked, acknowledgment to photos from a WeiPhone appointment user, who acquaint images of the next-gen iPhone's motherboard/logicboard.

As 9to5Mac reported, the photos were acquaint by the aforementioned actuality abaft the accepted iPhone 4S motherboard aperture in Aug. 2011.

User guojun1984 appear three photos on the forum, assuming the advanced and aback of the logicboard, which appears to be a prototype, 9to5Mac acicular out, due to the abridgement of archetypal labeling on the
pieces. The photos appearance a SIM agenda slot, which seems to be hardly abate than its 4/4S predecessor. They avowal carefully set affiliation points, which could beggarly the aggregation is implementing the new Nano-SIM format.

Another change comes in the anatomy of the array connector, which appears to accept bristles pins, compared to the antecedent devices' four pins.

According to contempo reports, the new iPhone is accepted to get a array bump, blame it up to a accommodation of 1440 mAh, 10 mAh college than the iPhone 4S . The access will accommodate a hardly college array life, admitting it will be added bound drained by the accessible accession of 4G LTE on the new iDevice.

The accession of LTE for the aboriginal time in iPhone history has not been confirmed, but the photos accommodate affirmation of added antenna connections, which 9to5Mac said could point against the LTE rumors actuality true.

Apple did not anon acknowledge to a appeal for comment.

The still-unnamed iPhone has been fodder for rumors back May, back photos alike on the Web accouterment a bastard aiguille at the accessible taller and thinner new handset. In backward May, letters of a beyond awning were corroborated back the declared architecture schematic of the new phone's advanced console was acquaint online.

While Apple has not accepted any rumors about the next-gen phone, letters advance that Apple will bare the accessory on Sept. 12, with a accessible absolution nine canicule later, on Sept. 21.

For more, see How to Install a Motherboard.

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