The Critics Before Ronda Rousey Met Miesha Tate For The Strikeforce Bantamweight Title In March


The critics were countless in the weeks afore Ronda Rousey met Miesha Tate for the Strikeforce bantamweight appellation in March. Rousey was abandoned 4-0 and had spent beneath than three abounding account in the cage aback she landed the high-profile appellation shot.

And alike afterwards Rousey submitted Tate in the first-round with an arm bar that assured one of the year's best agitative fights and gave her the championship, there are still those who accept Rousey didn't deserve the befalling to action for the belt.

They altercate it was her looks, her bold personality and her affection for self-promotion added than her angry adeptness that landed her that shot.

As Rousey prepares to avert the belt adjoin ex-champion Sarah Kaufman on Saturday at the Valley View Casino Center in a nationally televised bender on Showtime, Tate continues to be foremost amid those who assert Rousey was accustomed best treatment.

Rousey had won all four of her antecedent fights at featherweight. She abandoned to bantamweight and was anon accepted a appellation attempt adjoin Tate.

"It's like you booty Joe Schmo off the artery and he claims, 'I can do this. I can do that,' and you accept actual little to go off of, but you accord him a appellation shot," Tate said. "Ridiculous, right? Well, of course. That's not how it works. Look at the UFC: Guys are busting their butts, acceptable this fight, acceptable this fight, acceptable that fight, and they accept to do so abundant added to get to that level.

"Ronda didn't put in her time. Her accomplishment set is there. Yeah, she has the accomplishment set. But she didn't do what all the blow of the girls had to do. … You can't acquaint me she put in the time and accepted she adapted the appellation shot."

Tate isn't abandoned in her criticism of women's MMA's bigger star. And accept no doubt, Rousey has heard it.

To those who are assured her to get her advise and to be put into her abode by the heavy-handed Kaufman on Saturday, Rousey about snarls.

"Let them try to put me aback into my place," an acutely agitated Rousey said as Showtime's examination appearance concluded. "Who are they to say area my abode is? My abode is at the top. I becoming it and I'm here. Women actuality put in their abode is allotment of what's amiss with this world."

That attitude, that adeptness to anticipate on her feet, is what has fabricated her such a star. No beneath than Dana White bubbles with activity aback he speaks of Rousey. The UFC admiral is a guy, who has again absolved the anticipation of a changeable analysis in his aggregation because he said there aren't abundant affection fighters.

But White's face was the aboriginal to arise on Showtime's two-part examination show. This is a guy who has feuded aboveboard with Showtime and alleged its administration all sorts of aspersing names.

That is what fabricated his attendance in allotment one of Showtime's "All Access: Ronda Rousey" so stunning.

"She's abundantly talented," White says, as the video cuts to a blow of Rousey communicable Tate in that fight-ending, championship-winning arm bar. "She's mean, she's awful and she's dangerous. She's got the accomplished package."

Later, White break into a advanced beam and adds, "I will not absence a Ronda Rousey fight, ever. I'm a Ronda Rousey fan."

Rousey has abundant to prove, and admitting she won't say so, she knows it. It's one affair to win a title, but the greats of the bold avert it assorted times.

And admitting Rousey's summer has been abounding with non-MMA claimed appearances and an about aberrant media assault for a changeable fighter, that overlooks one actual ascendant aspect of her personality.

"I've accepted Ronda aback she was 14 and she is such a abundant adversary and she wants to win so badly," said UFC fighter Manny Gamburyan, a judoka like Rousey. "She trains so hard. She pushes and she pushes and you can see the aberration in her striking.

"She's so abundant bigger today than she was [in March] aback she fought [Tate], it's like it's two altered people. She has a lot to do, but she knows the best important affair is to put the time in. Aggregate about her arresting – everything, her knees, her elbows, her kicks, her arch movement – is way bigger than it was."

Rousey hasn't been idle, admitting assuming nude for ESPN the Magazine's anatomy affair and about axis herself into a pop ability brilliant aback acceptable the belt. Her judo is first-rate, but she's approved advice in the areas in which she's been weak.

She formed with Richard Perez, the arresting drillmaster for MMA stars Nick and Nate Diaz, for several weeks. She brought in Lucia Rijker, arguably the greatest women's boxer ever, to advice with her game.

Despite that, she's actuality absolved by a ample articulation as a one-trick pony. Avoid the arm bar, that approach goes, and Rousey is out of options. Edmond Traverdyan, Rousey's arch coach, finds the angle antic abundant to be insulting.

"It's accepting tiring, but here's the thing: Cipher can stop her arm bar," Traverdyan said. "And they absorb so abundant time in their affected annoying about Ronda's arm bar that they don't become acceptable at what they're doing. Bodies don't accept that.

"If you demand to alike anticipate of assault Ronda, you accept to be accessible in every place. They discount that because they're so abashed of her arm bar. They put 90 percent of their focus on arresting her arm bar. But if they amount out how to avert it, that's OK, because she has a actual acceptable all-embracing game. She can win her fights in abounding ways, not aloof by arm bar."

So far, cipher has appear abutting to accepting abroad from Rousey's arm bar. She had three submissions from the arm bar in beneath than a minute anniversary in three bouts as an amateur. As a pro, she's 5-0, with her wins all advancing by arm bar. The action adjoin Tate lasted four minutes, 27 seconds, and was one of the year's best fights, macho or female. The others were 25 seconds, 49 seconds, 25 abnormal and 39 seconds.

And admitting Rousey durably believes she's added than a one-trick pony, she's not aloft application that acumen to her advantage.

"If I am a one-hit wonder, what does that say about them for accident to me then?" she said. "If bodies are agitated that I got a chance, I'll be honest: I don't absolutely accord a [expletive]. Did they demand me to say I didn't demand the appellation shot? Did they anticipate I should accept aloof sat aback and kept quiet and not approved to accomplish my activity bigger and advance my situation?

"Whenever you accept success, you're activity to accept your allotment of detractors. I get it. If there are bodies who demand to say I'm annihilation added than an arm bar, able-bodied again prove it. I'm a fighter and I accept had to action for aggregate I've gotten. I haven't been accustomed a thing. And that's absolutely what I'm activity to accumulate doing."

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