Star Edward Furlong Confused With Embattled “Terminator”

Embattled “Terminator 2” brilliant Edward Furlong (not to be abashed with active “Terminator” stars Nick Stahl or Arnold Schwarzenegger) claims he assuredly got his wallet aback afterwards actuality mugged aftermost anniversary in Los Angeles’ Skid Row.

Those of us who’ve apparent our allotment of “Intervention” episodes apperceive that back accepted biologic abusers like Furlong get beggared in blue neighborhoods, it’s usually not afterwards “stopping to ask for directions,” as he claims he was doing.

Have you anytime heard anyone at the Civic Center ask, “Please, affectionate sir, can you absolute me to the circle of Jones and Taylor? I’d like to buy a fat goose for Sunday dinner!”

Shia in the buff

Ex-Disney amazon pie Shia LaBeouf has now accelerating into a bona fide adjustment amateur in the attitude of Marlon Brando and Sean Penn.

Well, array of.

The amateur not alone admits to absolutely having, like, real-life naked sex in advanced of the camera in “Nymphomaniac,” but additionally to bottomward LSD on the set of his abutting movie.

LaBeouf told USA Today that he capital to bigger accept what trippin’ assurance acquainted like for his role in the accessible film, “The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman.”

Oh, to be a fly on the bank during that experience!

Forget freaking out about the actuality that “dog” spelled backwards is “god.” Aloof staring at his antic name on his driver’s authorization for hours on end had to bear some abysmal profundity.

“My name is Shia LaBeouf ... Shia LaBeouf ... whoooaaa. …”

Look who’s talking too

The National Enquirer is active a adventure that seems to coalesce the claims of several men who accept appear advanced and said that John Travolta would rather accept a “hickey from Kenickie” than get “friendly bottomward in the sand” with a babe like Sandy.

His latest accuser, Doug Gotterba, claims to accept been his gay lover for added than six years.


    Robert Pattinson is affairs the home that he aggregate with Kristen Stewart for a appear $6.3 million.
    Afterwards the GOP apparent its official attitude on gay marriage, Ann Romney told “The Insider” that her admired TV appearance was “Modern Family.” Hmm.
    The New York Post letters Rachel Zoe’s accouterment band appears to be tanking … admeasurement negative-zero-zero aloof isn’t as accepted as she had hoped.
    Bobby Brown has larboard adjust … again. 


    Guitarist Ryan Ross of Panic at the Disco is 26.
    TV personality Lisa Ling is 39.
    Actress Cameron Diaz is 40.
    Country accompanist Sherrie Austin is 41.
    Musician Lars Frederiksen of Rancid is 41.
    Michael Chiklis (“No Ordinary Family”) is 49.
    Comedian Lewis Black is 64.
    Actress Peggy Lipton (“The Mod Squad”) is 65.
    Underground comics columnist Robert Crumb is 69.

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