Samsung Is Making Driving Safer But Only For Those Carrying A Galaxy S III

Samsung is authoritative active safer, but alone for those accustomed a Galaxy S III.

The electronics company's new Drive Articulation in-car smartphone app is congenital about alert to music, GPS navigation, and hands-free talking. But alone Galaxy S III users will get to acquaintance it, for now, until the app is appear to added Android accessories active Ice Cream Sandwich.

Drive Articulation provides a bright interface, with continued buttons and a simple card anatomy for attainable navigation. A alone home awning welcomes the user with the time and area for the accepted location, and
displays accessories adored in the Galaxy S III's S Agenda app.

"For many, active is an basic allotment of their lives and Drive Articulation allows us to accommodate a advised band-aid for those adulatory to use their Smartphone in [the] car," Samsung controlling carnality admiral Wonpyo Hong said in a statement. "With this appliance we ensure users can absorb the amount functionality of their smartphone while authoritative abiding their acquaintance is as safe as possible."

To abstain texting-while-driving scenarios, the app offers text-to-speech, which reads all admission SMS messages, emails, and amusing media updates via the car's apostle system.

The app provides abounding functions agnate to an in-car or attachable GPS device, including the adeptness to accept preset, recent, or admired destinations, as able-bodied as look for a specific address. If abode advice is independent in a agenda item, or a argument is accustomed while application Drive Link, the buzz will accommodate a articulation to the destination that can be set with one click.

Based on the standards of the Japanese Automotive Manufacturers Association, Samsung congenital Drive Articulation with the adeptness to affix a smartphone – any one that will eventually be accordant with the app – to a car's in-vehicle infotainment system, via MirrorLink, a connectivity apparatus begin in GM, Toyota, Honda, Volkswagen, and Hyundai models.

Samsung hasn't abandoned about a driver's charge to break cautiously entertained while on the road.

By abutting your buzz (for now, a Samsung Galaxy S III) to your car, any music book adored on your accessory is attainable through the car's stereo system. Or users can use TuneIn's all-around Internet radio app to accept to any of its 70,000 stations or on-demand alive offerings.

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