Robert Pattinson’s Latest Film Cosmopolis Did Brilliantly At The US Box Office

Yet afresh it’s been accepted that break-ups aren’t at all bad for business afterwards Robert Pattinson’s latest film, Cosmopolis, did blithely at the US box office.

RPattz stepped out on a promo bout for the David Cronenberg blur aftermost anniversary – the aboriginal time he was spotted in accessible back ex-girlfriend Kristen Stewart’s activity with affiliated administrator Rupert Sanders was revealed.

And it seems all the apprehension about what he had to say about Kristen – not abundant you may bethink –
formed out able-bodied for the film, which is allegedly a little off the wall, to say the least.

The blur had the better bulk of admirers per cinema of any cine in the US at the weekend.

On the Daily Show aftermost week, RPattz had begged Twilight admirers to advice the blur accomplish a big splash, saying: “If any Twilight admirers acquainted in I absolutely demand Cosmopolis to accept a college aperture weekend than The Dark Knight, but the botheration is it’s alone appear in like six cinemas… so it’s activity to be a challenge. Just buy like eight tickets.”

But the cine had a actual bound release, alone aperture at three theatres in New York and LA, acceptation that no amount how adamantine the Twihards tried, the blur still alone grossed £46,000.

To put it all in context, The Expendables 2 topped the boilerplate box office, authoritative about £18.3MILLION.

But the sales still meant it topped the account of aspect films appear this week, outselling the added films by far.

Unsurprisingly, administrator Cronenberg has accepted he relied on Rob’s Twilight acclaim to get bodies absorbed in the film.

He said: “The actuality that somebody who has ascendancy is accommodating to do a cine that's difficult is a allowance to a administrator because you're not alone accepting the appropriate guy as an actor, but you're accepting costs absorption and you get to accomplish the movie. This is not an accessible cine to get made.”

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