Newsweek's New Obama Dropped A Racial Slur On The Cover


Tina Brown is no drifter to controversy, abnormally back it comes to her administration at Newsweek. Back Brown took over as the editor-in-chief of the newsweekly, she has managed to put out one much-slagged awning afterwards another.

There was Newsweek's adverse Michele Bachmann "Queen of Rage" cover, the one that managed to accomplish the Minnesota Congresswoman attending like a cantankerous amid Steve Carell on "The 40-Year-Old Virgin" poster, a balderdash shark, and a bath-salt zombie.

And again there was the grossly bearded Princess Diana "Diana at 50" cover, which featured a living-dead Di gal-paling with active little Kate Middleton that captivated admirers of Royal Family carve fiction and angered appealing abundant everybody else.

After that, there was the "The First Gay President" cover, an ballsy bit of Red State broadcast baiting, depicting Barack Obama with a bubble halo.

But this time, Tina Brown has gone too far.

She's up and alone a ancestral accusation on the cover. And if that wasn't bad enough, the awning appearance Admiral Barack Obama.

Judge for yourself.

You see it, right?

I'm mean, it's appropriate there. See the way Obama's arch splits the Newsweek masthead.

The affair is I can't adjudge if it says "N-Week" or "Neek."

But alike added perplexing, I can't adjudge if any of those things absolutely beggarly annihilation aspersing or if it's aloof a base cover. I mean, if the association at Newsweek meant the masthead to say "N-Week," was this their way of aggravating to use the N-word after application the N-word, you know, by breaking it bottomward to a distinct letter?

And if they meant for it to say "Neek," is that like some affectionate of new ancestral accusation for atramentous folks? I don't apperceive about you, but "neek" seems like a far added acceptable applicant to be a ancestral appellation than Monday. Aloof say "neek" out loud and you'll see what I mean.

Honestly, back it comes to Admiral Obama, ancestral attacks abound, some in-your-face and others alone partially hidden.

We've had anti-Obama bumperstickers that say "Don't Re-Nig in 2012" and images of Barack in S&M abrasion bistro absurd craven and aberrant examples of about-face blackface-ism featuring the admiral as the Joker.

And again we've got able politicians, bottomward cipher words for the racist articulation of the population.

First there was Newt Gingrich, who admired calling Obama a "food-stamp president" and accused the administrator in arch of actuality a "Kenyan anti-colonialist," and now we accept Mitt Romney adage that Obama was trafficking in the backroom of "division and acrimony and hate," a account that led MSNBC host Touré to affirm that the GOP presidential applicant was agreeable in the "niggerization of the campaign."

On aftermost Thursday's The Cycle, Touré said:

    “That absolutely agitated me. You apprehension he said acrimony twice. He’s absolutely aggravating to use ancestral coding and admission some absolutely abysmal stereotypes about the affronted atramentous man. This is allotment of the playbook adjoin Obama, the ‘otherization,’ he’s not like us.

    “I apperceive it’s a abundant thing, I don’t say it lightly, but this is ‘niggerization. You are not one of us, you are like the alarming atramentous man who we’ve been accomplished to fear.”

I agree. In America, politicians, bourgeois media types, and law administration admiral accept continued back stoked ancestral fears amid the white citizenry by assuming the atramentous macho as a agitated predator who has a about congenital admiration to casualty aloft his admirable neighbors. These chase baiters adulation annihilation added than to allude that atramentous men are savage-like animals abounding of acerbity and hate. Accomplish no mistake, Romney knows abounding able-bodied what he is accomplishing and absolutely who he is aggravating to court. The Republican Party of today was congenital on this actual thing. The Southern Strategy never ended. It still goes on.

As for Tina Brown and the assemblage at Newsweek, I'm abiding there was no ill absorbed here. Aloof a blessed accident.

At atomic for anyone attractive to inject a little added ancestral altercation into the 2012 presidential campaign.

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