NASA Has Beamed Back A Set Of Spectacular Pictures From Mars Rover


NASA has beamed aback a set of amazing pictures from Mars, as its departer advertisement a aboriginal articulation bulletin allegory the mission to the battleground adventure of Neil Armstrong, the aboriginal man on the moon who died aftermost week.

In the audio message, advertisement from the apparent of the Red Planet by the Concern Rover, NASA ambassador Charles Bolden anticipation that a manned mission to Mars could appear "in the not too abroad future."

"Another baby footfall has been taken extending the animal attendance above earth," said NASA able Dave Lavery, alveolate Armstrong's acclaimed aboriginal words on the Moon in 1969.

Experts at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California appear added pictures taken by the $2.5 billion rover, which landed at Gale Crater on the Red Planet on August 6.

One showed a panorama, in pin-sharp resolution assuming alone rocks, of the mural arresting from the rover, including Mount Sharp, the slopes of which Concern affairs to drive against in the advancing weeks and months.

Mission arch scientist John Grotzinger said the mural looked like "something that comes out of a John Ford movie," apropos to archetypal accomplishments in films by the archetypal Western director.

And he compared the annoy advance fabricated by Curiosity, arresting in some of the photos, to images of the aboriginal aisle on the Moon fabricated by Armstrong, whose afterlife at 82 was appear by his ancestors on Saturday.

"What we are seeing actuality is the after-effects of advance involving the aboriginal motions of the rover. I anticipate instead of a animal it's a apprentice appealing abundant accomplishing the aforementioned thing," said Grotzinger.

In a pre-recorded articulation message, uploaded to the departer afore actuality beamed aback to Earth, Bolden said he was "speaking to you via the advertisement capabilities of the Concern departer which is now on the apparent of Mars."

"Since the alpha of time, humankind's concern has led us to consistently seek new activity new possibilities aloof above the horizon," he said, abacus that the departer "prepares the way for a animal mission in the not too abroad future."

"This is an amazing achievement. Landing a departer on Mars is not easy. Others accept tried. Only America has absolutely succeeded," he added.

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