McKayla Maroney For Her Near-Perfect Vault In Team Competition At The London Games 10 Other Things About The Powerful Gymnast


BFF: Olympic assistant Kyla Ross is Maroney's best friend. They came from the aforementioned gymnastics club in Aliso Viejo, Calif and aboriginal met back they were six years old. Together they progressed through the gymnastics ranks, both authoritative the Olympic aggregation as one of four arbitrary selections.

Toughness: Maroney's achievement came while she struggled with a burst toe. In May, Maroney bankrupt it. In June, she did it again. In July, about a anniversary afore the Olympics started, she added the breach afterwards accession from the antithesis beam.

Parents: Maroney stands 5-2, aforementioned as her mom. But her father, Mike, a above Purdue quarterback is 6-3.

Specialist: Maroney's addition to the aggregation gold was the vault, area she performed the Amanar basement so flawlessly at the aggregation antagonism NBC Announcer Tim Dagget alleged it a "Perfect 10." She additionally won the basement appellation at U.S. trials and the 2011 Apple Championships.

Injury: Maroney suffered a balmy blow and nasal breach afterwards hitting her arch during training on the attic accepted at the U.S. gymnastics championships. Less than a ages afterwards the abrasion she went to U.S. trials and able for the Olympic team.

Boundless Energy: Afterwards watching Tarzan, Maroney began active about on all fours as a 2 year old. Her mom, attractive for a way to bankrupt Maroney's added energy, enrolled her in gymnastics and aggregate progressed from there.

Floor: Despite actuality the best vaulter in the world, Maroney lists the attic exercise as her admired event. "I anticipate it's the alone accident that you can absolutely appearance everybody yourself," Maroney told "You can ball and you can appearance bodies who you are and what you're there for."

Clairvoyant: Not so continued ago, Maroney listed her goals in her elementary school's yearbook. "My ambition for the approaching is to be in the Olympics." Check that one off the list.

Multi-sport: To focus on gymnastics, Maroney abdicate amount skating, tennis and soccer and started accepting homeschooled.

Inspiration: At the 2004 U.S. trials, her aggregation led by closing all-around Olympic best Carly Patterson accomplished second.

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