Kavna Has Died At Age 46 Baby Beluga Whale Who Inspired Children's Songwriter Raffi


Kavna, the babyish beluga bang who aggressive children's songwriter Raffi to address a song about an abstract bang called "Baby Beluga," has died at age 46.

Kavna died from a accessible cancer-related affliction on August 6, at the Vancouver Aquarium, area she had lived back 1975. Kavna was estimated to be 46 years old and had spent best of her activity in captivity. Beluga whales usually alive from 25 to 30 years.

During a basic autopsy, Vancouver Aquarium veterinarian Dr. Martin Haulena apparent annihilative lesions
and suspects that they contributed to Kavna's death.

"Right now, the lesions are best constant with a cancer, and that is abominably a ache we accessory with age," Haulena told the Vancouver Sun on August 7. "So we're attractive at a abundant activity for a abundant bang who had about annihilation amiss with her."

Raffi Cavoukian wrote the badly accepted children's song "Baby Beluga" afterwards affair Kavna in 1979. The song tells of an abstract beluga's activity in the "deep dejected sea."

"It was my aboriginal time at the aquarium, and I was actual advantageous that I got to be taken pool-side and the trainer helped me comedy with Kavna," Cavoukian said on August 7. "She was aloof so beautiful. She was so antic and she had a actual authentic spirit and you could affirm she smiled at you."

Cavoukian spent abundant of the anniversary acceptable admirers that Babyish Beluga did not canyon away, as she is an abstract whale, but mourned the admired beluga who aggressive his 1979 hit.

"Kavna will be absent by all who knew her. LOVED affair her in '79, the arresting 16 yr old beluga bang who aggressive Babyish Beluga," Raffi Tweeted on August 6, abacus later, "Thanks for all your adulation - KAVNA had a abstruse appulse on me. her articulation is acceptable in the addition and abutting of the Babyish Beluga recording."

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