Dunkin' Donuts Released A New App That Lets Pay Doughnuts With IPhone Smartphone


This week, Dunkin' Donuts appear a new app that lets you pay for doughnuts with your iPhone, iPod blow or Android smartphone.

I'm not abiding anyone in America needs the act of affairs doughnuts to be easier -- but that's not Dunkin' Donuts' problem.

The Dunkin' app works like the Starbucks adaptable acquittal app. Download it from Google Play or the App Store, again amount it up with money. The agenda supports American Express, Visa, Mastercard,
Discover and PayPal.

The abutting time you charge a doughnut fix, you can duke the accountant your adaptable accessory to be scanned rather than application algid adamantine banknote or a acclaim card.

The app additionally enables users to accelerate a basic Dunkin' Donuts allowance agenda to added adaptable phones -- article the Starbucks arrangement doesn't allow. You can buy a allowance agenda for anywhere amid $2 and $100 and accelerate it via text, email or Facebook Connect to a doughnut-loving friend.

The app has added functions too. Most of them are business related, but it will appearance you comestible advice of the Dunkin' Donuts items.

Whether you accept to use it that way is up to you. I'm not abiding I anytime demand to apperceive how abounding calories are in my admired Boston creme doughnut. But I am accepting a amoroso aerial aloof cerebration about it.

A admonition for Californians: The alone Dunkin' Donuts in the accompaniment is at the Camp Pendleton aggressive abject in San Diego County, so if you demand to use the app, you ability be in for a continued drive.

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