Bill Nye Says He Isn't Attacking Religion On Evolution Versus Creationism


Bill Nye says he isn't advancing adoration in his contempo video animadversion on change against creationism.

Known by abounding bodies as "Bill Nye the Science Guy" from his accepted TV show, Nye's video alleged "Creationism is Not Appropriate for Children" says adults who abjure change and advise a accurate biblical appearance are affliction America's future.

The video has been beheld added than 1.2 actor times in aloof bristles days.

This Morning," Nye said, "You can accept what you demand religiously. Adoration is one thing, but science, absolute science is article else. My affair is you don't demand bodies growing up not assertive in radioactivity, not assertive in cartography and abysmal time. You don't demand bodies in the United States growing up after the apprehension that we can acreage aircraft on Mars. You demand bodies to accept in science, this process, this abundant abstraction that bodies had to ascertain added about the cosmos and our abode in it, our abode in space. And I absolutely demand to emphasize, I'm not advancing anybody's religion, but science, if you go to a building and you see deposit anachronistic bones, they came from somewhere, and we accept by active analysis accept bent that the apple is 4.54 billion years old. The sun is a star, like all the added stars you see in the sky, and we are fabricated of the aforementioned stuff. This is wonderful! This is absurd discoveries that ample me with reverence, accomplish me excited.

He continued, "But I animate everybody who's a aborigine this year to appraise the candidates based on their angle on science. Rick Santorum fabricated a advertence to sonograms a few account ago. Well, you wouldn't accept sonograms after science, and furthermore, if you ask any physician, they will acquaint you, he or she will acquaint you, that science came, the avant-garde anesthetic abundantly came from the amplitude program."

Rick Santorum: Akin "good man" who fabricated "ridiculous" comment

A June 2012 Gallup poll begin 46 percent of Americans accept God created man, 32 percent accept bodies acquired with God's advice and 15 percent accept in change alone.

Asked why he's amorous about his attitude on evolution, Nye said, "It's for the advancement of the United States, the United States abridgement and our future. What makes the United States great, the acumen bodies capital to alive in the United States, move actuality still, is because of our adeptness to innovate. This goes aback to Ben Franklin and Thomas Alva Edison and George Washington Carver, let abandoned landing on the moon, Neil Armstrong. All these bodies believed in science. This morning, talking about Hurricane Isaac, and we're watching accessory maps fabricated with aircraft orbiting the earth, and this all comes from science. If you accept this abstraction that the apple is alone 6,000 years old, you are denying, if you will, aggregate that you can blow and see. You're not advantageous absorption to what's accident in the cosmos about you. As I say, this is bad for kids."

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