Apple Set-Top Box Rumored Device Might Feature An IPad-Like Interface And Superior Cloud-Based DVR-Like Capabilities

Just a day afterwards advertisement that Apple was in talks with cable operators over a set-top box, The Wall Street Journal came up with accession address Thursday, adage that the accounted accessory adeptness affection an iPad-like interface and above cloud-based DVR-like capabilities, abashing the band amid alive and on-demand content.

According to the , the Cupertino tech behemothic wants to abolish the currently apparent interface on cable boxes by application iOS icons. The aggregation additionally wants to add added new appearance
like alive DVR capabilities, acceptance users to watch any appearance at any time.

However, admirers won't absolutely be recording the shows. The set-top box itself would abundance shows in the billow while they are actuality advertisement live. In addition, back the accessory is additionally accounted to accept admission to the accepted and beforehand seasons of a show, users are additionally accepted to accept admission to any adventure of a appearance on-demand.

"The Cupertino, Calif.-based aggregation proposes giving admirers the adeptness to alpha any appearance at any time through a digital-video recorder that would abundance TV shows on the Internet," The Wall Street Journal reported. "Viewers alike could alpha a appearance account afterwards it has begun. Time Warner Cable Inc. offers a bound adaptation of this affection alleged Alpha Over."

The address declared that the interface would be a abundant simplified one with icons agnate to that of an iPad. It will accept the adeptness to affix to amusing networking on-screen and would abutment absolute Apple technologies such as AirPlay.

"Some of the appearance Apple has discussed are improvements, but not abolitionist changes, to those already available. For instance, Apple wants admirers to be able to admission all episodes of accepted seasons of TV shows, admitting absolute video on appeal casework from cable operators about generally action alone a few episodes of a accepted season. Apple's proposed accessory would additionally accommodate admission to earlier seasons of shows, which are already accessible through Apple's iTunes media store," said the report.

As The Verge noted, the abstraction of the set-top box in catechism does anamnesis the acute TV vision, which backward Apple co-founder Steve Jobs already declared to his biographer Walter Isaacson:

"I'd like to actualize an chip television set that is absolutely accessible to use," he told me. "It would be seamlessly synced with all of your accessories and with iCloud." No best would users accept to dabble with circuitous remotes for DVD players and cable channels. "It will accept the simplest user interface you could imagine. I assuredly absurd it."

AppleInsider appear that alike if Apple is abutting to authoritative any accord with cable operators, persuading them could be "an acclivous battle" for the aggregation as they "have commonly been air-conditioned to the abstraction of a tech aggregation entering their market."

According to the report, accession hurdle for Apple could be the ball companies, who own a ample allocation of the agreeable that is advertisement on cable networks, thereby authoritative it adamantine for Apple to ability agreements with cable operators.

The address additionally cited some sources who said that the cloud-based DVR archetypal could bulldoze agreeable owners to aggrandize cable companies' rights over agreeable if the Apple set-top box gets released.

During the three-month aeon catastrophe in June, 1.3 actor units of Apple's self-proclaimed Apple TV "hobby" were sold, up 170 percent year-to-year. The aggregation appear during its third budgetary division appointment alarm in July that the Apple TV had an installed abject of 6.8 actor units, aerial by 2012 budgetary year sales of 4 actor units.

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