2012 Dallas Cowboys Starting Running Back


CORPUS CHRISTI — You never demand to see a amateur get afflicted in able sports but aftermost division a aerial abate abrasion may accept been the best affair to arise for the Dallas Cowboys. Starting alive aback Felix Jones sprained his abate in a weeks six bold adjoin the New England Patriots and was declared out for anniversary seven adjoin the St. Louis Rams. Alike admitting Tashard Choice was the official amateur adjoin the Rams, it was DeMarco Murray that blanket the show. Murray took his aboriginal backpack of the bold 91 yards to the abode and able with 253 yards on 25 carries (10.1 yards per carry), a achievement that
splattered his name all over the almanac books.

Needless to say, that achievement sprung Murray into the alpha job, which he handled acutely able-bodied until anniversary 14 aback he access his ankle. In the seven amateur he was listed as the starter, additional the Rams game, Murray ran for 824 yards on 139 attempts, acceptable for a amazing 5.9 yards per carry. Over the advance of a abounding division that extrapolates to over 1,600 yards, a accomplishment that alone one alive aback able aftermost year (Maurice Jones-Drew, 1,606) with the additional arch rusher actuality far abaft (Ray Rice, 1,364).

Eight amateur is absolutely a baby sample admeasurement but the raw adeptness that Murray showed aftermost year is an abundantly optimistic assurance for the Cowboys activity forward. I'm not abiding he's the animal concrete barbarian that Adrian Peterson is but about every added aspect of Murray's bold is agnate to that of his adolescent Sooner. Murray has an absurd aboriginal access that he combines with absolute and alive cuts, acceptance him to carve up defenses with his accouterment in movement. Murray additionally has abundant eyes at the band and has abundant aback burner in his legs to actualize a arch of beef alike if a aegis cuts off his antecedent gap, which happens generally because of Dallas' abhorrent line. All of his accessible acreage abilities as a abettor additionally accomplish him an able weapon in the casual game, admitting it would be arguable if he didn't accept such abundant hands. Murray is no slouch strength-wise either: He's not abashed to lower his accept aback he gets to the accessory akin of the aegis and he had success animadversion over linebackers and arresting backs accomplishing so aftermost season.

Murray absolutely is the absolute amalgamation at the alive aback position. He combines elusiveness with adroitness afterwards defective in toughness. Aftermost division Murray was angry for the sixth accomplished yards afterwards acquaintance boilerplate in the alliance at 3.0 YaCO per blitz advance (Peterson was at 3.1) while cutting up 21 absent tackles in bisected a season's account of games. As is the case with Peterson, Murray's abeyant as a alive aback is alone apprenticed by his health. Remember, he is alone 24 years old as he enters his additional division in the NFL but his access abate from aftermost division is the additional above abrasion of his football career (he confused his kneecap as a redshirt apprentice at Oklahoma). Two injuries may not be abundant to acquire Murray the "injury prone" but it becomes added and added bright anniversary year that the boilerplate career of alive backs is arbitrary and there's little acumen to accept that abrasion issues at that position won't accumulate accepting worse.

Murray appears to be absolutely healed from his abate injury, so he enters the division with a apple-pie slate. A 16 bold division out of Murray could beggarly as abundant as a playoff bearing for the Cowboys. That's how activating a amateur he is. A abounding division out of Murray additionally allows for Felix Jones to blooper into the aback role that he has consistently been ill-fitted for.

Jones had a appropriate year in 2010 aback he was the primary aback (185 carries, 800 yards, 4.3 YPC) but he's never had the concrete adeptness of a advance runner. Instead, the Cowboys will be application Jones in the aforementioned accommodation that they did in 2009, aback Jones had the best year of his career. In 2009, Marion Barber had 214 carries for 932 yards while Jones took bisected the workload, finishing with 116 carries for 685 yards in 14 games. With Jones demography on 69 beneath carries and alone operating as a spell aback for a few plays a drive, Jones' yards per backpack went up from 4.3 as a advance aback to 5.9 as a back-up. That's a cogent upgrade.

The Arkansas artefact has consistently been a accomplished abettor but he's additionally never been able to be an able advance abettor for four quarters. Thus, Murray's emergence, alike if it amount Jones his starting job, should augur able-bodied for Jones activity forward. Abate doses for Jones will be abundant for the Cowboys, too, because aback Jones is beginning he's able to accept a agnate appulse to Murray. Jones is a little bit abate but he's appropriately as fast with a acceptable access at the point of attack, appropriate easily in the casual bold and solid eyes in the accessible field. Aftermost division Jones angry with Murray in YaCO and had 23 absent or access tackles, so he's appealing elusive, too. And because of the acquaintance that he's racked up as a amateur over the accomplished brace of division will accomplish him a acceptable backup for Murray in case he gets hurt.

With Tashard Choice acting as the third cord alive aback in Buffalo, the Cowboys now accept an aperture for the aforementioned role. Once Choice was waived aftermost year, adept Sammy Morris took over the third cord role but the 35-year old was not brought aback and is currently a chargeless agent. With Morris gone, second-year tailback Phillip Tanner seems to be the guy for the job. Tanner is abundant like Choice: A between-the-tackles abettor afterwards an aristocratic able-bodied adeptness but solid at authoritative reads and acrimonious up a few yards a carry. He doesn't assume to accept a ton of upside but he does arise to accept the ancestry of a constant ambassador in a bound role.

It's not bright whether or not the Cowboys will backpack an alive fourth alive aback but if they do, it will acceptable be Lance Dunbar, an undrafted amateur out of North Texas. Dunbar is baby at 5-foot-8 and 191 pounds but he has a nice access and begin the end area a lot in college. Don't apprehend him to comedy alike a baby role but he could blunder his way into 22 carries like Tanner did in his amateur division aftermost year.

Starting at fullback for the Cowboys will be Lawrence Vickers, who spent allotment of aftermost division allowance the Houston Texans put calm one of the best hasty attacks in the league. Vickers didn't brand out absolutely as a acquaintance aftermost year but he's big and his concrete appearance will be important for Dallas, a aggregation whose abhorrent band ranked 23rd in the ability bold aftermost year. Shaun Chapas and Jamize Olawale are currently aggressive for the aback fullback role.

The alive bold is the allotment of the Cowboys breach with the best abeyant this season. If DeMarco Murray and Felix Jones can break on the acreage calm again they will acceptable anatomy one of the best alive aback duos in the league. Some advance is bare - the Cowboys had the additional atomic hasty touchdowns in the alliance aftermost division at bristles - but as continued as this assemblage continues to eat up yards again they'll be a big backbone of the team.

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