Selena Gomez's Birthday Braids Score Her Points In The Style Department

Selena Gomez's altogether is Sunday, the day of the Teen Choice Awards. The 20-year-old began the anniversary a day aboriginal by announcement a photo of her braided hairstyle on Facebook. Excited by the new 'do, Justin Bieber's adherent took to Twitter to acquaint her 12 actor followers.

Saturday on Facebook, Selena acquaint this account of her altogether braids. The hairstyle is a assembly of colors that are alloyed in such a way that it makes the attending actual distinctive. You go girl!

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Gomez again took to Twitter and told her admirers of the new hairstyle. This cheep appeared on her timeline:

    "Selena is @postcarding. "early altogether complect :) @ninezeroone" ~ @selenagomez

It's accessible that the above Disney pop brilliant is captivated about axis the big 2-0. She is at the top of her career with songs, a ample fan base, and a handsome and accepted admirer with Justin. She alike has a appearance and aroma line. What a life, right?

Does Selena Gomez's altogether braids account her credibility in the appearance department? Don't balloon to tune in tonight; she and Justin Bieber will be at the Teen Choice Awards. Hopefully, she hits the red carpeting with her beautiful hairdo.

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