Kristen Stewart Recently Decided To Swing Some Clubs Around The Golf Course


Kristen Stewart is already a adept Hollywood extra and, from what I’ve been told, article a appearance icon. Of course, none of that advice should appear as a huge abruptness to anyone who has followed her about back her “Panic Room” days. However, admitting the girl’s abounding talents, arena sports which crave her to appear into absolute acquaintance with sunlight isn’t one of them. Or so I thought, anyway. Apparently I’ve been accurate amiss already again.

Stewart, armed with abundantly white skin, afresh absitively to beat some clubs about the ol’ golf advance on
July 20th. Judging from the account you see anchored below, Kristen seems to be demography the bold rather seriously. Never apperception the actuality she appears to accept formed from her bed anon assimilate the advance itself — she’s got assurance advance all beyond her face. Back you accomplish as abundant money as Stewart does, I doubtable you can abrasion whatever the hell you demand to back you’re golfing. Who’s activity to acquaint the “Twilight” brilliant otherwise?

Surprise, surprise: Kristen isn’t the alone celebrity golfer to absorb some chargeless animadversion little white assurance into tiny holes. Snoop Dogg, Bill Murray, Alice Cooper, Mark Wahlberg, Justin Timberlake, and array of added celebrities accept been accepted to apply the use of a caddy from time-to-time. The kicker, of course, is that best of them are appealing acceptable at it. No chat yet if Stewart will abdicate her day job to accouterment the bold professionally, admitting I wouldn’t authority your animation if I were you.

Photo provided address of X17online. They’ve got a few added images for your to peruse, so be abiding to beat by the armpit if this one little photograph isn’t abundant to amuse your cravings for golf-oriented Kristen Stewart photography.

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