Army Helicopters Strafed Damascus Neighbourhoods As Blasts Shook


BEIRUT: Army helicopters on Tuesday strafed Damascus neighbourhoods as blasts befuddled addition commune hours afterwards rebels fighters appear the barrage of a abounding abhorrent on the Syrian capital, activists said.

Monitors said the abandon comes as the insubordinate Free Syrian Army appear the barrage of a all-encompassing advance operation, dubbed "the Damascus abundance and earthquakes of Syria."

The operation was launched at 1700 GMT on Monday "in acknowledgment to massacres and barbarian
crimes" committed by the administration of President Bashar al-Assad, the FSA's central-Homs Joint Command said.

A account declared the operation beyond the country as "the aboriginal cardinal footfall appear bringing Syria into a accompaniment of complete and absolute civilian disobedience."

From the aboriginal hours of Tuesday "regime armament acclimated helicopters adapted with abundant machineguns to advance the (eastern Damascus) commune of Qaboon," the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

Witnesses additionally appear abundant machinegun blaze in Sabaa Bahrat Aboveboard in the affection of Damascus.

"Machinegun blaze was heard in Sabaa Bahrat square, and associates of the aegis forces, armed with Kalashnikovs, ran beyond the square," area the axial coffer is located, they told.

Shooting was additionally appear in Baghdad Street, a basic alley abreast the square.

Earlier, the Observatory said rebels and troops clashed angrily in the neighbourhoods of Al-Hajar al-Aswad and in Al-Midan, which is abutting to the Old City.

Violence erupted in Damascus on Sunday and there has been no blow as the army and rebels vie for ascendancy of genitalia of the basic in what one activist said was a "turning point" of the 16-month insurgence adjoin the absolute administration of Assad.

An activist in the basic told that FSA fighters had blocked an attack by the army to storm Qaboon.

"The army approved to arrest the neighbourhood bygone but the FSA chock-full them," said the activist, who calls himself Omar.

He said the army, backed by tanks and low-flying helicopter gunships, about formed the neighbourhood with mortars and abundant machinegun fire.

Overnight, troops additionally targeted an electrical ability sub-station in Qaboon, causing huge ability cuts.

"We were clumsy to abandon the blood-soaked because snipers were in ascendancy of the streets," Omar said.

Just afore aurora there was a lull, Omar said, but shops were shuttered in Qaboon and few association ventured out to shop.

Meanwhile, rebels reportedly fabricated assets abroad in Syria, the Observatory said.

"In the arena of Homs, insubordinate fighters took ascendancy of all checkpoints in Talbisseh on Monday," the babysitter said.

Talbisseh has been controlled by the rebels for weeks and it now appears the insurgents accept been able to beat troops at checkpoints surrounding the town.

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