In A Rare Display Of Irritation, Viswanathan Anand, Who Has Just Won His Fifth World Title


In a attenuate affectation of irritation, Viswanathan Anand, who has aloof won his fifth apple title, on Friday hits out at chess abundant Gary Kasparov and added critics for suggesting that he lacked motivation.

“I anticipate that this is the aboriginal time I accept played a bout area so abounding bodies seemed to accept abrogating assessment about my play. And the affair is I do not anticipate I lacked motivation,” Anand said about his affray with Israel's Boris Gelfand, whom he exhausted in Moscow on Wednesday to win his fifth apple title.

42-year-old Anand said in an annual from Moscow that Kasparov “keeps talking about my age” but Gelfand was hardly earlier at 44.

The champion, who is accepted for his air-conditioned temperament, said he had accepted Russian Kasparov, who is one of the greatest anytime chess players, wrong. Some years ago, he had declared Kasparov as his nemesis afterwards accident matches to him.

Not alone Kasparov, “there were abounding bodies additionally acknowledgment what he was saying,” Anand said.

“He (Kasparov) keeps talking about my age but I could aloof as able-bodied say Boris (Gelfand) is alike hardly older. I anticipate the botheration is all the bodies who started out bold that I was the abundant favourite in this bout were afraid to accept that their cast was wrong,” Anand said.

Anand said he never advised himself as the favourite and knew that Gelfand would be a boxy opponent.

“I never saw myself as a favourite, the affair I knew Gelfand would be a actual actual difficult opponent. And attractive at his contempo plays I accepted that this is how the bout would go. And so I never acquainted I had to acknowledgment afterwards every bold 'what was activity wrong?' because annihilation was activity wrong.

“This was Gelfand arena able-bodied and me aggravating to comedy appropriately well, adhere in there and delay for my chance. But all those bodies who said I was a favourite were afraid to accept that they were amiss and were artlessly adage that I lacked action and was arena abominably and so on and on. And I absolutely feel like I accepted article here,” said Anand.

The Indian Grandmaster gave acclaim to Gelfand who never accustomed him to comedy his accustomed game.

“I anticipate you accept to accord abounding acclaim to my adversary Gelfand. He never let me get the affectionate of comedy that I like and that is actual arresting as you like to comedy in a way assertive but Gelfand neutralised about aggregate I did and so I had to cope with that.

“But it was actual satisfying, abnormally aback the ambiance about you is so negative. In the columnist appointment they added or beneath accumulate repeating what bodies like Kasparov said. It is not abstruse that I accept had adversity in a brace of tournaments and my aplomb accordingly suffers a bit. But I anticipate beneath those affairs if you can adhere in there and win like this afresh it is all the added satisfying,” Anand said.

Giving his annual of the final day's tie-breaker, Anand said, “I absolutely managed to feel like the course axis in the aboriginal bold itself. Because for the aboriginal time with atramentous I managed to get a actual agitative position and I managed to about exhausted him.

“So afresh I acquainted the course was turning, but still the bout was actual intense. It went aback and alternating in bold three and four of the tie breach as able-bodied he had actual acceptable chances. So I anticipate it abundant harder like this and absolutely that is that abundant added satisfaction,” Anand said.

Anand said accident the seventh bold was a difficult draft and he absolutely suffered that evening.

“Well I anticipate the aboriginal shock was in bold seven because a accident is consistently a bad affair but it is abundant worse in bout area you are disturbing to acquisition any openings, you are disturbing to acquisition a weakness of his you can target, your disturbing to acquisition article you can aim for.

“And this bout was aloof like that, there were actual little affairs actuality created. And in those affairs to lose the seventh bold was an abundantly difficult blow, I absolutely suffered that black The eighth bold was the aboriginal bold I accept played afterwards accepting any sleep,” said Anand.

“But the axis was absolutely the eighth bold aback I managed to appear back. I had able myself for a big attempt and went there. I would say bold eight was a above axis point, aback I managed to equalise that afresh I knew in the aftermost four games, again, I would accept to be patient. But at atomic I could alpha on alike terms.

“But afresh in every appointment they accumulate allurement you 'are you motivated?' 'are you motivated?' and it is arresting because you feel you are giving it your all, and bodies can't see it. I artlessly try to accept that the best important affair is not to let any others affect you and to break focused on the match,” he said.

Asked whether chess gets abundant applause in the country, Anand said he has been accustomed able-bodied everywhere in the country and he has no complaints.

“Generally afterwards anniversary of my matches I accept been accustomed foolishly in Chennai, I artlessly don't demand to complain. I anticipate the accession has been wonderful. I don't analyze these receptions to added things and I'm absolutely happy. Additionally this time I'll accept a appealing balmy acceptable from my son, so that will be actual nice. So I'm not accusatory at all. The Indian chess admirers accept been actual acceptable to me and I'm not gonna complain.”

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