Men in Black 3 And Critics Seem Pretty Okay With That

LOS ANGELES: Nearly a decade afterwards they aftermost adored the apple from aliens, the Men in Black are aback - and critics assume appealing accept with that.

The science fiction aftereffect becoming a 66 percent "fresh" rating, according to the analyzer aggregator Rotten Tomatoes. That's a far college cardinal than those accustomed by contempo box appointment accoutrement "Dark Shadows" and "Battleship." At the actual least, best reviewers adopted "Men in Black 3" to the alarmingly reviled additional blur in the series.

Not that anybody was blessed to see the UFO chasers acknowledgment to the big screen. TheWrap's Alonso Duralde accepted the time-travel artifice that sees Will Smith's Agent J transported aback to the 1960s to save Tommy Lee Jones' Agent K from an conflicting with a grudge. But he accused the two actors of activity through the paces carefully to aggregate a fat paycheck.

"Smith tries to anamnesis his wisecrackery of yore, but it's credible that he'd rather be absorption his way through addition 'I Am Legend' or 'Seven Pounds' instead," Duralde wrote. "Jones, meanwhile, feels so distanced and absent that it's as admitting he'd filmed his absolute achievement in advanced of a blooming awning at a alien location."

In the New York Times, A.O. Scott said that the two stars' allure was "creaky," but enjoyed the blur and Josh Brolin as a adolescent adaptation of Jones' character.

"'Men in Black 3' arrives in the multiplexes of the apple with no accurate agenda," Scott wrote. "Which may be allotment of the acumen it turns out to be so abundant fun."

Brolin's astonishing clothing of Jones drew the lion's allotment of the analytical raves, with abounding reviewers crediting the amateur with breath new activity into the franchise.

Rolling Stone auger Peter Travers gushed, "Brolin's booty on Jones' deadpan commitment (they co-starred in "No Country for Old Men") is spot-on and spectacularly funny. Bigger yet, Brolin brings in a accurate actor's grace, abacus amusement and affection that advice explain the origins of Agent K's angry blues."

Also adequate himself was the Chicago Sun-Times' Roger Ebert, who said the third chapter was bigger than the aboriginal "Men in Black."

"Let me say that although I admired the aboriginal 'MiB' movie, I wasn't decidedly attractive advanced to this belated sequel," Ebert wrote. "But I had fun. It has an able plot, camp monsters, adventurous cliff-hanging, and you apperceive what? A closing arena that adds a new and array of affecting ambit to the characters of J and K."

Perhaps the harshest appraisal was from Mary Pols, in Time magazine.

"It's asinine to feel apologetic for a big flat movie, abnormally a additional aftereffect apprenticed to accomplish buckets of money, but administrator Barry Sonnenfeld's 'Men in Black 3,' accession 15 years afterwards his aboriginal and 10 afterwards 'Men in Black 2,' is so age-old and out of blow it inspires pity," Pols wrote.

If hordes of admirers disagree, Pols may acquisition herself reviewing "Men in Black 4" afore too long.

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